Pocket 34

Ever heard of Pocket 34 by Shooterz Lacrosse?

A reader recently wrote in to tell us about it…

The guy who strings it is named Lyle Tomlinson. He’s the man. He strings for top pros and D1 athletes, including Lorne Smith who was on Marin at the Tahoe Tourney and Virginia’s entire offense.

He’s only taught a select few people how to string it. All the people in the forums who try to copy it aren’t even close. I won’t play with anything else. This guy deserves huge recognition. I think there’s a video interview out there on the internets somewhere. Thanks for listening!

[Ed’s note: Couldn’t find the video anywhere! If you got it, send it on through!]

Why is this pocket so hard to reproduce?

Mesh simply isn’t that hard. EVER. It is rare that 2 people string sticks the exact same way so I’m not surprised to see guys on the forums giving it a shot, but not getting it 100% right.

Brendan Mundorf and Ned Crotty play with double Vs in their sticks and while I don’t think they are Pocket 34 guys, the concept is the same.  I’m doubtful that this is the ONLY way to get a great mesh pocket, but it certainly seems like a really good one.

Regardless, props to Lyle Tomlinson for creating such a hot method. Sounds like he’s the guy to know!

[Top photo credit: faceofflax15]

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