No Pocket Necessary

No Pocket Necessary

0 - Published September 19, 2013 by in LAS Insider, Motivation, Stringing

Sometimes I get so caught up in running a business, I forget the importance of being creative on a daily basis. I let the perfectionist in me take control one calculated move at a time. Administratively, that is a fine approach, but working in a sport that requires so much creativity on the field, I’ve always felt being too much of a perfectionist in the office could be destructive and lead us down the wrong path.

Lacrosse is the Creator’s Game. There is so much more to it than X’s and O’s, and literally anyone can play. Every player, at some point, gets their own chance to create.

There is something to be said about the creativity required in order for an player, coach, or team to push their limits and succeed. And I ask, why then, must we ridicule the stringers who like to dream?

Whether it be through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, I constantly see players criticizing teammates – or even worse, someone they don’t even know! – for poor stinging technique. It’s concerning to me on many levels, and I think we owe it to those who played the game before us to be welcoming of new concepts and accepting of one’s own techniques.

The more I learn about the roots of our game, the more confident I am to walk around town with a lacrosse stick and speak about the sport to those who haven’t yet been introduced to it. I find it thrilling to talk about lacrosse and explain it to anyone willing to listen. What I don’t enjoy so much, however, is watching young lacrosse players get fooled.

There’s no right way to string a stick, and there’s certainly no wrong way either. Of course, it’s going to be a lot more effective if you add a pocket to the mix.