Preparing To Make The Play

Chazz Woodson - Words of Wisdom

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, and happy Friday!

“When the coach calls your number… You gotta do what the play calls for.”

The gentleman in this video could easily have kept driving and just made a call to the police. That would have been the non-play. That would have been him relying on somebody else to make the play. He could have fallen short of finishing the play, by stopping after she didn’t answer him. As he explains, however, he chose to make the play that needed to be made. Expect that in the year ahead, we will each be called onto make a play… Maybe multiple plays. We won’t know when it’s going to happen or what play we will need to make until that moment arrives. But we should be prepared to do so.

To quote Sir Winston Churchill, “Sometimes it’s not enough to do your best. You must do what’s required.”

Are you ready to make the right play at the right time?
Make it a GREAT day and a GREAT weekend!

Stay blessed.