Pro Box Lacrosse Breaking News: THREE Pro Leagues?

Sweet, sweet indoor/boxla. 3/4 sleeves? don't mind if I do.
Sweet, sweet indoor/boxla. 3/4 sleeves? don't mind if I do.

Released late Friday night, former NLL commissioner Jim Jennings is set to hold a press conference on Tuesday morning to announce the formation of an American-based professional box lacrosse league.

This league would bring the growth of professional box lacrosse to a total of 3 leagues in North America!  THREE, yup three. And, I am not talking about the MLL, because  I am only talking about BOX.  And, NO I am not even talking about the Canadian summer leagues (MSL/WLA)!

It was announced about a month ago, that in November, Canadian lacrosse fans will have the pleasure of watching more professional lacrosse during the cold winter months. Paul St. John, of MSL and other pro rank lacrosse fame, has been putting in the man hours to bring the purely Canadian Lacrosse League (Clax) to reality.

Through online forums, Paul St. John said that he has been well aware of the American professional league. He my have even unknowingly dropped the name of the league “World Lacrosse League”.

Things are definitely heating up in professional box lacrosse!  And with a sense of nationalism it seems!


– The WLA holds an exhibition game tonight in Coquitlam, BC. Coquitlam Adanacs vs. Burnaby Lakers

– Not to mention that the NLL Division finals are tonight. The Rock and Bandits square of on TSN2 tonight… Sorry American fans.  No TSN for you.

This is going to be interesting lacrosse fans, some real NHL-WHA, NFL-AFL, kind of $#!%, if you know what I mean!

Grow the Game!!


  1. Rumor has it from a valid source, 7 new teams along the East Coast. Its about time. Too much good talent out there going to waste at both the field and box level. This is much needed for the growth of the game!

  2. Diluting the product isn’t going to help it grow. If they want to have professional lax be a national thing, keep everything in the US in the NLL and keep everything in Canada be in the MSL. They have a pretty good model and seem to have a successful business plan right now.

  3. I think that this move creates a power struggle at first but in the long run this will be fantastic for the sport. Most professional leagues (NFL, MLB) began as two leagues which merged to form a multi billion dollar league which we all hope lacrosse can one day become. More leagues means more people get to see the game, it means new investors and new markets explored. If this American League say begins with 8 teams in different lacrosse markets, it allows the best locations to prosper and the locations that will fail will fail. While this is unfortunate, if these new teams are committed to growth and truly believe in the league, in 8 to 10 years we could see a merging of the NLL and perhaps two other leagues to form a perhaps 18-24 team league which would truly legitimize the NLL as a professional sports league in North America.

  4. Knew about this for a while as they were looking for sponsors a while back. Not sure if this one will float or not. Should be interesting to see though. Its essentially an american NLL with a massive pay cut.