Public Service Announcement: Always Wear A Cup!

Justin Timberlake lacrosse crotch shot ouch
Yeah, ouch.

An athletic cup simply needs to be used at all times when playing lacrosse.  If not, the results can be disastrous, and incredibly painful.  I’ve got a quick story to share from earlier this year, and if you weren’t wearing a cup in practice and games before, you definitely will now!

Justin Timberlake lacrosse crotch shot ouch
Yeah, ouch.

I’m going to share a note from a parent in the Pacific NW lacrosse community, who shall remain anonymous.  Who they are isn’t that important.  But the message they are sending surely is!  It’s simple.  They want to spread the word about the importance of wearing a cup while playing the sport of lacrosse.

Dear Lacrosse Family:
I was at the gym this morning, and a customer of the gym was working out talking about her weekend.  Deborah X is a nurse, and she had an adolescent lacrosse-playing boy as a patient this weekend. He is having one of his testicles removed because he did not wear a cup during practice. The ball hit him so fast and hard that he was knocked out and sent to the hospital. Apparently, his testicle expanded to larger than the size of a grapefruit and he now has to have it surgically removed.

I just hope we can all pass this along to our sons and sons’ friends, so that no one else gets injured like this, and that they try their best to protect themselves.

Ouch!  I just wanted to share this note with all of LAS readers out there so that we can ALL spread the word about the importance of wearing a cup while playing the game we love.

Make sure to share this post if you want your teammates and friends to be safe out there!!!!

And as funny as it is to watch Justin Timberlake take a shot in the business, in reality it’s just painful.  And dangerous.  So take a note from JT and RP, and wear a cup out there!


  1. I got sent to the hospital for this while playing goalie. I WAS wearing a cup and it was still easily the most excruciating pain I’ve ever experienced. If I hadn’t been wearing it, I might not be using both of my testicles to type this message to you right now. This was a cautionary tale; a boombox is not a toy. And you should also wear a cup.

  2. Exact same thing happened to a kid on an opposing team my junior year of high school.  Attackman with no cup, shot pinged off the goal, and flew right in to his unprotected nether-regions.  They even used the same “size of a grapefruit” description that Powell does here…and gave him some pretty insensitive nicknames for a while after that.

    I know a lot of Idaho attackmen who started wearing a cup right about that time.

  3. Can’t remember how many times I’ve seen or heard about cups that were cracked in half after catching a shot… I don’t care to think about what would’ve happened if those guys weren’t wearing cups in the first place. Protect your investments, gentlemen.