Ransacking Sports Authority’s Lax Section

8 - Published January 5, 2010 by in Gear

Sports Authority Lax Section 2

Being home for the holidays means you have to go to the mall with your mom.

Luckily for me, my mom is a lacrosse coach. We headed over to Sports Authority a couple days before Christmas to grab a few gifts for my sister and dad. But don’t worry, I brought my iPhone which is so sophisticated it has a BUILT-IN CAMERA.

What follows is a tour of the Sports Authority Lacrosse Section, but before I even got there I saw this guy:

Sports Authority Lax Section Paul Rabil

Paul Rabil, repping the Hundo like it’s his job. Oh wait, it is.

Next up, the best t-shirt in the store (and I didn’t even know Nike made a generic lacrosse t-shirt):

Sports Authority Lax Section Nike Shirt

Nike impressed, then depressed. These mesh shorts are for people who like LACROSSE:

Sports Authority Lax Section Nike shorts

Okay, Nike didn’t really depress… I’m a sucker for the swoosh.

This, however, made me quiver and question someone’s taste:

Sports Authority Lax Section ugly Warrior shirt

Getting better:

Sports Authority Lax Section Warrior Shirt

I’d wear these in Tahoe:

Sports Authority Lax Section Warrior Shorts

Would 412 cover up his Pitt shirt with this hoody?

Sports Authority Lax Section Warrior sweatshirt

Of course, after looking at the clothing I turn my head right and see Portable Pong Party… Do you think the store manager meant to put this in the lacrosse aisle?

This one supports Craven‘s scruff:

A long look at gear:

…Didn’t have much interest in lime green shoulder pads. First person to email me and tell me where they are in this photo gets a t-shirt. [Editor’s note: Contest over. Congrats to K. Croken of Mountain Lakes, NJ]

And on an entirely unrelated note, after Sports Authority I met this horse:

That’s my story. A good day in Idaho. Stay classy, Lax Nation. And tell me how much you like beer pong.
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