Reactions To Team USA Naming 52 Man Squad

Team USA mens lacrosse tryouts

Below you can find the 52 men who made their way onto the next round of Team USA try outs.  If this were the NFL, every man on the US training roster would be breathing a sigh of relief, knowing they had made the final cut. Thankfully, this isn’t football, and that means we still have a lot more cutting to do.

Photo Credit: John Strohsacker/, Courtesy US Lacrosse

No it’s time to discuss some of the big cuts and story lines. You should also check out Kevin Rowen’s Team USA predictions. By my count, he only missed three guys. Not bad at all! By Kevin’s count, he missed three as well. IMPRESSIVE!


Matt Danowski (Charlotte Hounds, Duke), Marcus Holman (Ohio Machine, North Carolina), Eric Law (Denver Outlaws, Denver), Kevin Leveille (Rochester Rattlers, Massachusetts) Brendan Mundorf (Denver Outlaws/Philadelphia Wings, UMBC), Rob Pannell (New York Lizards, Cornell), Steele Stanwick (Ohio Machine, Virginia), Garrett Thul (Hamilton Nationals, Army), Drew Westervelt (Chesapeake Bayhawks/Philadelphia Wings, UMBC), Ryan Young (Charlotte Hounds, Maryland)


Steven Brooks (Chesapeake Bayhawks, Syracuse), Kevin Buchanan (Boston Cannons, Ohio State), Ned Crotty (Rochester Rattlers/Philadelphia Wings, Duke), Kyle Harrison (LXM PRO, Johns Hopkins), Ben Hunt (Chesapeake Bayhawks, North Carolina), David Lawson (Rochester Rattlers, Duke), JoJo Marasco (New York Lizards, Syracuse), Matt Mackrides (Chesapeake Bayhawks, Penn State), Paul Rabil (Boston Cannons/Philadelphia Wings, Johns Hopkins), Max Seibald (New York Lizards/Philadelphia Wings, Cornell) Jeremy Sieverts (Denver Outlaws, Maryland), Drew Snider (Denver Outlaws/Washington Stealth, Maryland), Matt Striebel (Rochester Rattlers, Princeton), Matt Abbott (Chesapeake Bayhawks, Syracuse), Dan Burns (Chesapeake Bayhawks, Maryland), Kevin Drew (Charlotte Hounds, Syracuse), Stephen Peyser (New York Lizards, Johns Hopkins), Jeff Reynolds (Chesapeake Bayhawks, Maryland), Chris Schiller (Charlotte Hounds, Penn State), Kevin Unterstein (New York Lizards, Hofstra), Chris Eck (Boston Cannons, Colgate), Greg Gurenlian (New York Lizards, Penn State), Anthony Kelly (Denver Outlaws, Ohio State), Mike Poppleton (Hamilton Nationals, Johns Hopkins)



Mitch Belisle (Boston Cannons/Minnesota Swarm, Cornell), Jesse Bernhardt (Chesapeake Bayhawks, Maryland), Brendan Buckley (Boston Cannons, Army), Tucker Durkin (Hamilton Nationals, Johns Hopkins), Michael Evans (Chesapeake Bayhawks, Johns Hopkins), Joe Fletcher (Loyola), Brian Karalunas (New York Lizards, Villanova), Dillon Roy (Denver Outlaws, Denver), Brett Schmidt (Charlotte Hounds, Maryland), Lee Zink (Denver Outlaws, Maryland), Brian Farrell (Boston Cannons, Maryland), Kyle Hartzell (Ohio Machine/Philadelphia Wings, Salisbury), Kyle Sweeney (Boston Cannons/Philadelphia Wings, Georgetown), Michael Simon (Chesapeake Bayhawks, Stevenson)


Drew Adams (New York Lizards, Penn State), John Galloway (Rochester Rattlers, Syracuse), Jesse Schwartzman (Denver Outlaws, Johns Hopkins), Kip Turner (Chesapeake Bayhawks, Virginia)

Overall Impressions

Big Cuts – Where is Sam Bradman? I’m not second guessing the coaches at all, I just wanted to see him play at the international level. He’s still young. I am shocked Grahamn Gill didn’t make it, even if he had the worst tryout ever. He is just a baller. I like John Ranagan too. He is super athletic, but like Bradman, he’s young and has time. I also thought Ben Rubeor was a stud this MLL season, but the attack position is pretty deep.

Chazz Woodson and Ryan Boyle were too veteran attackman who were passed over. Mike Sawyer, Casey Powell, both Lao-Gosney brothers, Mike Stone, Brendan Fowler, and Michael Kimmel were some of the notable middies left off the list. I was most shocked that Mike Manley and Nicky Polanco didn’t move on defensively.

The Team’s Shape – It’s hard to truly judge a team by who got cut and who made the next round, but when you look at the attack, it’s clear this team wants dodgers, passers, and shooters. Every man in that group can pretty much dodge, pass, or shoot (or finish inside) like few others. Leveille and Holman may be more specialized, but the rest of the group possesses a great diversity of skill and ability.

The midfield is a little different, and while there are obviously some very dynamic players in the mix, it’s really about two things: size and/or speed. With the exception of about three guys, each midfielder is either a monster or a speedster. A couple of guys are both. Anyone will have a hard time with this group’s athleticism. Pair it with a ball handling attack, and you have a good mix for solid offensive production.

Defensively, you have a very athletic group, and I think they are all well suited to the international game. You will need bruisers for John Grant Junior, or Cody Jamieson, but you also need the majority of your guys to be runners, and this group meets the bill in that regard. International defense is much less slash happy, and players like Zink and Buckley deliver there. Guys like Evans or Durkin will provide toughness and a lock down cover guy. It’s a great group for FIL lacrosse. In goal? Who knows. Save the ball. I like Schwartzmann, because of his passion, but I don’t know if you can go wrong with the four that are left. My real favorite is Galloway, because of his outlets. Just so aggressive, and I love transition! Plus he tends to stop a lot of shots. That helps too. Like I said, goalie is tough.

The Next Round – If my guy serves me right, the next round will be less about players who fit a mold, and more about the guys who can fit in a giant mold with lots of other guys. It’s time to see who plays well together, who makes other guys better, and who has what it takes to put team and country first, to represent the USA. No big deal or anything.


  1. How the hell do you take mackrides over kimmel?!?! Doesn’t even matter anyway, any permutation of that attack list is effective. Give me any of those keepers too. Just don’t even get me started on old man river schiller, still salty that he was even invited to the last tryout.

  2. Interesting that they listed Crotty (who missed tryouts with pneumonia) in the midfield. Maybe they wanted him on the squad but couldn’t justify bumping one of the ten attackmen (especially one who plays at X) for him?

  3. Was so surprised Sam Bradman did not make it. Heard he had trouble going two ways when he got stuck. Some say he should have played MLL to help with that. I COMPLETELY DISAGREE with that. LXM Pro is a great league and he is learning from a great Middie (who made the cut) But maybe LXM Pro needs to up its game a lil more. I don’t know. On a side note I’m still mad Joel White didn’t get invited. COME ON!!! He is so freakin’ great at his position. Its an younger Kyle Sweeney or American Brodie. Not saying the other LSM are not good but he should have at least been invited to the party to show off. But truly as long as USA does great I do not care. Still love Coach Meade. Navy has not been the same since he left. But I am kinda routing for the Iroquois to do great. I am part Native American too.

  4. Chris: Crotty played mostly offensive-middie at the last World Championships.

    @mshawkins28: Also surprised Bradman didn’t make it. I had him on my 23-man roster (see the whole thing here, and how it compares to the training roster here Regarding Joel White, I think there must have been another reason we don’t know about that led to him not being invited.

  5. @krowen @mshawkins28: I think Bradman is an unbelievable player, but with the middie competition he was up against I don’t think it’s much of a surprise. Most of those guys are on another level entirely–bigger and/or faster, more complete offensively, can run both ways, etc.

    Nor do I think it’s a stretch to say that the MLL prepares guys much better for a tryout like this than the LXM. Baum remarked that he and a few other LXM guys “know” they could play in the MLL “if they wanted to,” which is probably true; yet there are far more anonymous guys in LXM who I don’t think could compete at that level. That Harrison was the only one to make the cut is absolutely relevant.

    It bums me out that Ghitleman didn’t make the cut, but everyone knew the goalie situation could just as easily have been a lottery. To toot my own horn, however, Drew Adams lives!

  6. @ Chris Rosenthall – Ned played middie in the last world games and the exhibition last year. The idea is to have the most potent scorers on the field. He def. deserved to make the first cut. Not having him on the team because he missed the first round due to severe pneumonia would have been a huge loss for the team, especially since he can step in at mid or attack if needed.

    On another note, I think the MLL players are more prepared because of the schedule they keep. Just playing more lacrosse against the best every week. A better question is how many play both NLL and MLL and how does that contribute. Going to be sweet to see them in Denver regardless!

  7. @20chuckd interesting point about having a consistent schedule being a big factor in the LXM vs. MLL debate. I hadn’t considered that aspect of it. I think that talent-wise, Bradman is just as good as many MLL players, but you are right in the fact that he doesn’t play as often, as his job is much more about coaching clinics and spreading the brand rather than actually playing lacrosse.