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Reader’s Choice: Adrenaline Performance Of The Week (Winner Picked)

Malangone came up big in the Little 3 Contest.


Congrats to 24 Seven Lax for their nomination of Salisbury (NCAA D3).  It’s not often we pick a winning nomination when the team lost (Stevenson 16-12), but SU’s activities on and off the field made this one a no-brainer!  Send an email to with your mailing address and we’ll get the socks out to you shortly!  Congrats, thanks for playing, and start thinking about next week!


In your eyes, who was the top performer in our sport this past weekend?

Think back about all the performances you witnessed over the weekend – a team winning a big game, an individual player having a HUGE day, or a coach winning an historic game – and nominate them in the comments section as your Adrenaline Performance Of The Week. Make sure to tell us WHY you picked them! It can be a HS, college or even Pro player, team or coach.  Or mascot.

The LAS Reader with the winning comment gets a free pair of GREY Adrenaline Rasta Socks that you can’t buy in stores. You have to know people to get these… and you know us!

Here’s an example of what a nomination might look like:

I’m nominating Conor Malangone of Wesleyan for his performance against Williams.  After going down 3-2 early, Wesleyan came back and Malangone notched 3 goals in the game as Wesleyan won 4-3.  A hat trick is impressive, but is a Performance of the Week if it comes in a rivalry game that ends 4-3.


Malangone came up big in the Little 3 Contest.

Photo courtesy Wesleyan Athletics

IMPORTANT: The comment with the most likes, replies (and that gets the all-important LAS stamp of approval!) will be declared the winner! This is a new weekly series here at LAS, so this won’t be your last chance to win free custom socks from Adrenaline!

Adrenaline grey rasta socks

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  • I am going to nominate not one player, but two players: Garrett Thul and Jeremy Boltus. They are the attackmen of the Military Academy at West Point and combined for 9 points to beat Navy in Saturday’s game. They played outstanding In the second half to pull out a very meaningful win against arch-rival, the Naval Academy.

  • You know who I’m goin with… The Flour Bluff Lacrosse Club! Ironman Lacrosse, Double Header Weekend! 13 Players Strong!!!

  • I am nominateing robert Rotanz for haveing helped #10 ranked duke win in the game this past weekend against #7 ranked virginia he scored 4 second half goals and had 1 assist for the blue devils he is ranked in goals for the blue devils this season robert has 18 goals And 4 assists as a mid fielder this brings him up to 22 points this season thats why i chose him keep it up

    P.s go blue devils

  • Im gonna have to go with Dan Wigrizer from duke. That kid is just phenomenal. I mean did you see how many close ups he took?

  • Lucky #13 has been injured for the past 4 weeks. Unfortunately, he was reinjured in the 1st game of the double header and unable to play in the 2nd game… 13 Strong in the morning, 12 Strong in the afternoon…

  • Chris Palmer. The senior is finally making an impact and got the game winner in a FOUR OVERTIME game against Georgetown. Senior, stepping up, with the game winner in 4OT. Enough said.

  • I would have to go with three players and a coach from Johns Hopkins. Zach Palmer jumpstarted a run for JHU to tie the game and eventually go up by two goals with his redonkulus behind the back laser from 15 yards out. Also Chris Boland with having 5 of the 12 JHU goals. The last player is goalie Pierce Barrett with 8 saves and a huge 1 on 1 save in overtime to keep the Jays alive. Lastly it is Dave Pietramala by rallying the Jays at half time to shut down the Terrapins offense and comeback to win in OT 12-11 to keep their #3 spot.

  • My nomination goes to Salisbury for their performance off the field this week. Despite their loss to Stevenson in a competitive game, Salisbury’s team used this big-time match up and the exposure surrounding it to raise money and awareness for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Their goal was to raise $6000 to match the jersey number 6 of teammate Alex Nieves, who was diagnosed with leukemia. They managed to raise $14000. That’s a solid effort in my estimation.

  • Even if it doesn’t get a lot of likes, I have a hard time seeing how this isn’t a winning nomination!

  • Chris Boland, with john hopkins down 8-3 in the 3rd quarter he Put the team on his back…

    He tallied 5 goals Also made a lot of passes that were assists for the person receiving his. He rallied his team back into the game with his earlier goals and showed a perfect example of a true Team Captain and a Leader, leading by example, and he showed the light to come back from the deficit against the Maryland Terrapins!

  • Scratch that – the whole John Hopkins attack with Wharton ripping that sick game winner, and Palmers amazing BTB if you didnt see it:
    and on the play, wharton with the feed, boland with the screen, just shows how the attack worked together to lead that comeback. Amazing game, amazing play by both sqauds but WOW at the Hop Attack!

  • I dont know if my thought i right but i was wondering how you gain 10 in an hour when other gain about 3. Just a thought.

  • Very respectable. Although I am in the lead, I will consider forfeiting the socks to you, even though it was actually the team who did the good thing.

  • I have supporting friends and family and ask around. It isn’t hard once yo have 450 friends to get 18 likes.

  • I am nominating Sean Fay, attackman for the Westfield State Club Lacrosse team. He scored 4 goals in an 11-4 victory over Emmanuel College. While playing just over half the game, he took control of the offensive end of the field, and helped the team recover from a quick 2-0 deficet.

  • I’ll I am going to allow you to win and forfeit the socks that I probably will win. But, in return, can everyone help me win that jacket? Look for the photo of the Loyola Lacrosse jacket and like it. Thanks!

  • This weekend Illinois is wearin pink and white jerseys to support Breast cancer over Mom’s weekend. I thought that was pretty awesome, LET”S BEAT CANCER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Haha, I know that. Don’t get me wrong I think that Salisbury did a great, great thing….but what did the commenter do? I know he’s going to win, so whatever! Haha LAS is great

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