Reliving The Epic Syracuse Comeback

MLax_at_Gillette_smallWhile perusing the youtubes recently, I stumbled upon this: the last 4 ½ minutes of the 2009 NCAA lacrosse championship between Syracuse and Cornell.  This game had me and the rest of the guys at LAS on the edge of their seats, especially the ones at Gillette Stadium.

I don’t think I have ever seen a greater display of why ground balls win games than this epic match.  Definitely worth reliving every once in a while…

You’re all born average every one of you…but you’re not average any more…

For another great (and slightly higher quality) re-cap check out this one set to some Foo Fighters music

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Four years of Varsity lax in high school and 2 state titles and a little college ball under the belt. Barton is writing to spread the thrill that lax has brought to his life. Friends call him Wildfire because he's out of control. And sometimes he burns things.


  • It was truly amazing to be there. When it seemed like the Big Red were going to win it with just under 5 min to go, you could feel the energy just pouring out of the Cornell section….. Then it happened. The most amazing 4+ minutes of lacrosse I've ever been a part of! Being surrounded by 'Cuse friends and family only made it that much more special. The “Syracuse Scramble” will be forever etched into my mortal soul for as long as I draw breath on this spinning mass of rock and gas!

    Jonny B

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