Rep Your City Dye Job Contest!

The Statue of Liberty

Summer is here, and if you’re still online and not running through the wilderness, that means you probably have a little extra time on your hands. To help you fill the void, we’re kicking off the Rep Your City Dye Job Contest!

The Brooklyn Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge

Check out the rules below, take your time, and you could win big. All you need to do is come up with a creative lacrosse dye!

We want to see your best effort to honor your hometown or city through a sick dye job!

Contest Rules:

1) All entries must represent a particular city, state, town or region. We are not looking for college team dyes or international dyes this time around. Go local!

2) All entries must be accompanied by at least 3 photos: one photo of the head when it is white, one when it is dyed (and strung), and another close up of the most detailed section of the dyed head.

3) All entries must come from individuals. People who work at lacrosse stores, professional dye masters, and other skilled artisans ARE eligible, but all submissions must come from individuals – not the companies they work for.

4) Bonus points will be given for impressive string jobs, including, but not limited to, traditional.

5) All winners will be decided SOLELY by the Editorial Staff.

6) Entries must be submitted to via the LAS Tipline.

If your entry is selected and showcased on, you will win a prize pack from LAS consisting of a Dye Master Tank and a pair of Old School Shorts, all of which can be purchased in The Lacrosse Shop.

But wait, there’s more… We’ll also put your name in lights in a new Dye Masters section of our website. Dye up something magnificent and you’ll earn your place in history. We’re not fooling around here.

The Dye Master Tank
For Dye Masters only.

To get you guys going, Connor dyed up a New York City themed head, and this is what a quality entry should look like! He’s setting the bar pretty high… can YOU do better?

So there you have it! The Rep Your City Dye Job Contest has begun! What city are you repping?