Rhino Lacrosse Camp: Bend, Day 1

RP addressing the older guys after a very productive first day.

Rhino Lacrosse is back in Oregon for its final camp of the summer. Are you one of the lucky ones in attendance? I sure hope so!

This week Rhino Lacrosse has invited yet ANOTHER special guest to help out at the camp. Everyone, meet Casey, Ryan and Mikey Powell’s little brother, Mason Powell.

Mason and Ryan Powell

The youngest Powell brother didn’t waste any time before he started helping out the younger campers and showing them a trick or two during water breaks. He even got some of the other coaches involved as well. That is one nice thing I really have enjoyed about these camps – the coaches have a great balance of hard work AND fun.

Coach Fritts on the guitar.

I know I’ve said it before, but the Coaches are so passionate and competitive about the game that it shows through in everything they do. I can’t tell you how many times Coach Cost or any of the other coaches found some sort of contest to do during each water break, “A free shirt says I can hit the crossbar from here.”

Back to the camp though! As always, we got the campers up and moving as soon as they arrived. Rhino Lacrosse Camps never wait around until the morning bell rings. As soon as campers get to the field and suit up, we have them go out and start passing around to get loose. This really helps the coaches get out and moving as well!

When 9AM finally does come around, we have the campers move right into stick work, footwork and coordination drills. Rhino has some great drills we’ve talked about before – many really focus on improving stick skills within game-type situations.

After all the stick drills were done, we threw the campers into some positional drills and gave them another quick water break before beginning a 2v1 Drill.

For the older campers, it was probably one of the best starts to a camp we’ve had yet. Campers came ready to work and were flying through the drills with 100% intensity. Every one of the coaches was very excited to see the new campers and their high energy levels.

We took them through a lot of the same drills as the younger guys with even higher expectations of them. After the warm-up, 3 man-2 ball and some other drills, we brought them into the Numbers Drill to finish out the day. It made for a very quick and fun first day with everyone in a great mood. I think they’re ready to go strong throughout the week!

RP addressing the older guys after a very productive first day.

Rhino Lacrosse Camp: Bend is making out to be one of the better camps of the summer. Keep up with all the Rhino Lacrosse Academies coverage and come back tomorrow to see how Day 2 goes!