Rhino Lacrosse Camp: Seattle, Day 4


Day 4 of Rhino Lacrosse Camp in Seattle… Coach V’s message to the campers? You guessed it! Be a finisher and finish strong.

You know who finished strong? This guy. He won an award for working so hard and he always had a great attitude. Meet Connor. This kid looks like Barry Sanders on the field, juking through double teams and burying the shot behind over-confident keepers. Don’t let his size fool you!

Just look at him whip that ball against the wall.

Anyways, camp today (Thursday) was great – campers had completely bought in, coaches were pumped to finish strong, and the improvement in the campers’ game was very apparent with every play in the games.

3 man, 2 ball and some wall ball to warm-up the sticks.

Throughout the day all the coaches were giving 100% to set a great example and finish strong as well. Everywhere on the fields, all the coaches could be seen giving tips to campers and advice for their game.

And we wouldn’t allow a day to go by without having a contest for the campers. Today we had an accuracy contest and a trick shot contest. Many of the campers had impressive accuracy and moves!

Hit that bucket!

One of the older campers pulled out a little stick jumping for the trick shot competition. Unfortunately he couldn’t finish, and the crown went to another who buried it on the same move.

Gem of the day? I would never forget. Today’s mission: play wall ball off a moving cargo train. If you watched our interview with Jason Coffman from Day 3, you know that trains frequent the camp area.

Background story: RP mentioned he wanted to try this earlier in the day, so as soon as we had a chance we ran over to the tracks and gave it a try. Coach Coffman went first and nailed the side of the cargo train, but it bounced short. RP waited for the last cargo trailer of that train and gave her a go… check out how he did below!

Side note: that train was on the far tracks, if it had been on the near tracks it would’ve been a cake walk for the both RP and Coach Coffman.

And of course I have a gear photo for you too – check out THESE socks!

Pugs baby!

This was yet another amazing four days of great lax for these kids and they had some amazing coaching to add to the experience. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… RP puts an one heck of a camp.

I think Coach Coffman said it best: he asks a lot from the campers in terms of hard-work and intensity, but he gives just as much, if not more back to them. Campers are able to experience some of the best coaching lacrosse can offer, use great facilities and take home valuable lessons that will stay with them throughout their young careers. Best camp on the West Coast? Without a doubt. Best camp in the U.S.? I haven’t experienced them all, but I would say it is top notch and deserves to be among the best!

Today, after the closing remarks and awards for Campers of the Week, we packed up and headed out. Next stop: Boise, Idaho. Will you be there?


  1. There is no way this number is accurate, but it should be noted that most Utah kids go on to play at MCLA schools (BYU, Utah, Westminster).  The laxpower figure probably only includes NCAA commits or schools that reports commits.  I highly doubt MCLA teams report commitments to lax power.   

    NCAA commits in Utah should go up considerably with Southern Virginia University (small mormon school) starting a varsity lacrosse team, and joining the Capital Athletic Conference.

  2. Some information for some perspective:
    There are 230 California teams, 75 Texas teams, 63 Colorado teams, 50 Oregon teams, 50 Washington team and 40 Utah teams.
    Also, Laxpower only uses info sent to them so unless the team records all of their commits, they are not counted. For example- my brother is playing for the University of Utah as a freshman but his name doesn’t show up on Laxpower. 

    I do agree that Utah should have more kids going on to play college. We have a lot of talent out here and the overall competition is getting better each year. There are more and more players making it out to recruiting camps and getting recognized. It’s all about exposure out here which is tough when it costs so much to travel back east for recruiting camps. Highlight videos can only go so far. 

  3. Depends on why you expect it to be higher. If it’s because you think they’d send more guys NCAA, why do you think that? I’m not familiar enough with high school lacrosse in the state to expect more. 

    A lot of future MCLA players don’t get reported to LaxPower, etc. etc.