Rhino Lacrosse Camp: West Linn, Day 2

Powell brothers asking a camper which one would win in a fight.
LAS represent!

Ladies and gentlemen, it just keeps getting better. I thought the camp staff was stacked before, but then a second Powell brother showed up! Rhino Lacrosse Camps definitely have the royal flush of coaching staffs. This is only made better by the huge amount of knowledge they openly bestow on the campers and the work ethic they instill in them.

Let’s take a quick rundown of the coaching staff, I’ve already mentioned Coach V, RP , CP , Coach Doc, Uncle Marty, Joel White and John Galloway. Unfortunately those guys can’t be everywhere at once, but they’ve brought together some other great minds to help them out. Here’s a quick rundown on a few of the other coaches…

Coach Fritts:

Coach Fritts (Bowdoin) leading a quick stick drill

Did I mention he is also a Woozle?

Coach G:

Coach G (Oregon State) running through some defensive drills

In the two days I’ve known Coach G, I have gained a lot of respect for him. Not only is he a teacher, but he’s also been with Rhino for several years and is quite the charismatic guy. Never a dull moment with Coach G.

Coach Heim:

Coach Heim (Towson) watching over some shooting drills

And growing the game! What more could we ask for?

Coach Silverstein:

Coach Silverstein (Oregon) teaching some dodges

He loves his dodges and is very knowledgeable about them too.

Coach Tillson:

Coach Tillson (Fmr. Oregon State Coach, now ALL Rhino, ALL the time) showing the campers the fundamentals of shooting.

Another great guy to add to the cast! Coach Tillson brings a lot of knowledge and is a great mentor for a lot of these campers.

I really wish I could have a video camera running at all times so I’d be ready for everything that is said at this camp. Coach V is such an inspiration and gives great talks to the campers multiple times a day, everyday.

Day 2 started with a talk on ‘hard stinkin’ work’. To be the best, you have to work to become the best. Coach V gave a great example of how the Powell brothers were never found on their Nintendos (or Sega as CP quietly corrected), but in their backyard finding new ways to become better at lacrosse. That’s dedication.

And if that ever-present video camera wasn’t there for Coach V it would have done wonders to keep track of all the one liners Casey Powell was dropping today. Casey is also quite the character and loves to be in the position he is in. He’s smart, extremely talented, dedicated to the game and ready to help anyone willing to listen. That didn’t stop him though from taking the opportunity to show his talents against some young campers looking for a show.

Back to the day’s events though – Today we were able to have a Lax All Stars Goal Celebration Contest where the winner got an official LAS Grow the Game t-shirt. Let’s just say, some of these kids should stick to laxing.

And last, but most certainly not least, I was able to interview a few of the Tufts players from the D3 group. Lax world, meet Sam, Kennedy, Elliot and Anton.

Come back again tomorrow for Day 3 and make sure you follow @LaxAllStars on Twitter for up-to-date photos and fun throughout the day. Watch for the hashtag #rhinocamp to make sure it’s camp stuff. With two Powell brothers in the house there’s only MORE fun on the way!

The Powell brothers asked a camper who would a fight between Casey and Ryan. 

Can you guess who got picked? Check Casey’s face.

Before I forget, check out the LAS swag I get to wear throughout the week. I’ll take a picture for you everyday so you can head over to The Lacrosse Shop once you see how sweet the LAS threads are.

Here’s Day 1:

LAS shirt, Apollo Creed shorts and LAS socks. So patriotic!

And here’s Day 2:

Mesh doctor shirt, Darth Woozle shorts and Woozle socks. A lot of pink today.

See you tomorrow! I hear there are some surprises in store for the campers…