Rhino Lacrosse Camp: Boise, Day 4


Rhino Lacrosse Camp: Boise is in the books, but it wasn’t without another day of fun-filled action and learning for the campers. Coaches arrived early, as usual, to set things up perfectly for the campers. Cones ready, goals ready, booth ready, GO TIME!

Getting ready.

The last day of Rhino Camp is always bittersweet; it is awesome to see how much campers have improved since Day 1, but it’s a bummer to know that we are all done. Time flies when you’re having fun!

After raising the level of the morning drills and pushing the campers even further, we worked to make camp as competitive as possible. Games and contests everywhere. For for the morning and afternoon sessions, we started with the Numbers drill and a couple other stations, moved on to games, and even had a stick trick contest.

One of the highlights of my day was watching the goalies in our Numbers drill. In the morning session we had a goalie soak up several shots on his legs and knees and hop right back in the cage to go at it again. That’s dedication and determination to get better!

In the afternoon session one of our scholarship goalies had a shut-out after holding the first game to a score of 2-1. Considering some of the shots he stopped, that’s huge, seriously, H-U-G-E HUGE. As a reward, Kyle got a free t-shirt AND a special interview with a pretty decorated ‘keeper.

At the end of every camp, each Rhino coach addresses the campers, giving them some words of advice, helpful tips to go forward and their closing thoughts on the week. This is always a fun moment. Not only does it really solidify the relationship that was built during the week between campers and coaches, it leaves the campers with things to work on and something to move forward with.

Boise was already a special camp for me to help out with, but what made it even greater was the coaches drawing connections between their small town background (Carthage) to that of Boise. Boise might not be the smallest city population-wise, but it certainly is in terms of lacrosse. For the campers to be able to hear that a lot of these coaches came from very humble roots was awesome.  There was a sense of instant inspiration as campers realized that they could be in the coaches shoes one day if they work hard enough.

[Closing Remarks – RP’s is really long cause he adds his ’96’ story, you might be able to chop that out for another post]

A few more photos from the last day:

First 30 kids to sign up get a free Nike head. Lucky!
RP signing some autographs for the kids
Hard Stinkin’ Work!

And now one last video before we head out to Flagstaff, AZ. I bet this young fellow a GTG t-shirt and some other swag if he was able to make the cross field goal – I even gave him four or five shots. I was pretty nervous on the first couple.