Road Trip With Rhino: Boise, Idaho


Before our trip out to Boise, Idaho; I was warned about the heat. Being my stubborn self I pushed this warning aside and thought that they were just exaggerating the facts, but the second we arrived I realized that I did not bring enough sunscreen.

Despite the absurd heat, the campers at the Rhino Boise Academy were extremely hard workers. I know for a fact that if I had to play in that heat I wouldn’t be a happy camper, but everyone out there was eager to learn and improve their games.

Boise5 Photo Credit: Henry Richenstein

When thinking of Idaho I think of potatoes and the rural country, but not lacrosse. I was quickly proved wrong though.

Many of these kids had a lot more skill and lacrosse knowledge than I could have ever imagined which made our jobs as coaches much easier. They already knew how to run a three man two ball drill and a four on three fast break, so it was our jobs as coaches to add on to all of these skills.

We drilled these kids on the details and specifics of each drill, making sure that all of the campers had their sticks in the right hand, they knew how to communicate effectively, and their timing was right.

Since most of these players already had a strong base of lacrosse knowledge, they were quick to learn everything we threw at them. The reason why these campers had such high lacrosse IQs was because of how tentative and well behaved they were.

The coaches really focused this week on teaching kids that being a good lacrosse player is only half of the battle, and the other half is being a great and coach-able person.

Boise2 Photo Credit: Henry Richenstein

Coach Phil Keebler shared a very important story with all of the campers of when he used to coach at the University of Oregon. He shared how important it is to be a good person and be working hard in every drill you do, even if you aren’t necessarily the best at it.

Coach Keebler said that when he was watching try outs for his team, he was looking for kids that would push themselves and do what they were told on the field in order to become a better lacrosse player.

All of the campers really took this lesson to heart, especially the older kids that were looking to play at the next level. These players really understood that they need to be hard workers and be able to follow directions no matter what they are doing in life in order to prosper.

Boise3 Photo Credit: Henry Richenstein

It was evident that each of these kids took this lesson to heart. Every camper was very polite and extremely coachable. Most of the players even thanked me personally every day for coming out to Boise and gave me a firm handshake.

After having the pleasure to coach all of these talented players, I am extremely excited to make my way out to Bozeman, Montana to coach a new group of campers and help spread the game! I would also like to give a LaxAllStars shou tout to Dakota, our stick trick contest winner of Boise, Idaho.