Salisbury University Lacrosse Highlight Videos From The 1990’s


Like I said late on Sunday night, the Salisbury University Lacrosse Team has been pumping out All-Americans, National Champions and Mohawk-clad laxers for the better part of two decades.  They started their dynastic run in 1994 and in the mid to late 90’s were THE team in NCAA D3 lacrosse.

Recently, they’ve seen more competition from other Southern teams as Roanoke and Gettysburg are old school programs still competing for National Championships, and relative newcomers, like Stevenson, have surged in ability and school support.  Salisbury is no longer THE school in D3, but it’s still ONE of THE schools in D3 that everyone knows and that fact doesn’t look like it will change anytime soon with Jim Berkman still steering the ship.

Below we have a bunch of highlight videos that were shot back in the early to mid 1990’s but only surfaced on Youtube recently. Sit back, enjoy the shorts with the 2″ inseams and revel in the magic that is excellent Salisbury lacrosse.  Some of the videos say “SSU Lacrosse”  because Salisbury used to be known as Salisbury State.  They recently took the State part out

VINTAGE War on the Shore Preview Footage.  Just amazing…

More War on the Shore video…

Finally, we have a video showing just how excited the players were to be playing under Jim Berkman.  A couple runs of National Championships later and you simply can’t argue with a single word they said.

Thanks to Youtube User, Waterboybism, for posting all of these vidoes.  Simply amazing stuff!!!!