Saturday Morning Highlight Reel

Here’s the question: Would you want to wake up to Mikey Powell? And by that, I mean to the sound of his music. Could he be your trusty alarm clock?

God I hope your answer is no.


It’s Saturday morning, I’m groggy, and the last thing I really want to do right now is listen to his music. Don’t get me wrong, I like his tunes – I actually think the guy is very talented. But this morning I would much rather sit back, relax, and enjoy my salad bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch while watching highlight videos on mute.

Good morning, and enjoy:

Oh, and if you really want to wake up to Mike, here ya go:

Camouflage Toad…

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Jeff Brunelle is the founder and CEO of Lacrosse All Stars. A west coast native and product of the MCLA, Jeff moved back East after college and truly fell in love with the game. He now spends every waking moment building and Red Label Sports from our headquarters in Boise, Idaho.

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