Say It Ain’t So, Jeremy Thompson!

Jeremy Thompson mesh stringing lacrosse
Jeremy Thompson using mesh in his lacrosse stick. *Tear.

All season long I’ve been extolling the virtues of traditional strining, and almost the entire time I’ve used Jeremy Thompson as my example of a player that rips it up all over the field, and can shoot the lights out, all while using traditional.  And now, he’s gone and switched it up to mesh on a boring white head.  How the mighty have fallen!

As recently as the Rutgers game, Thompson was using a wide traditional, often with 4-6 diamonds, and dark leathers.


Jeremy Thompson traditional stringing
Using the tradish.

But against Notre Dame, to my complete amazement, he played with mesh.  And a V shooting string.  And he still ripped it up and netted 2 big goals for the Orange in their 11-8 win over previously unbeaten ND.

This is simply rocking my world, and I don’t know what to do.  I might even bring a mesh stick to coach my 5th and 6th grade team today.  Is the world going mad?

Jeremy Thompson mesh stringing lacrosse
Jeremy Thompson using mesh in his lacrosse stick. *Tear.

First photo courtesy the Syracuse Post Standard.  Second photo courtesy Syracuse University’s facebook page.


  1. Conspiracy theory #1: that’s his wet-weather backup stick and the trad gamer has issues not quickly remedied (broken leather, broken crosslace, shooters stretched enough to cause lip, etc.) or if remedied could cause inconsistent play (replaced leather or leathers, etc.).

    Conspiracy theory #2: it’s a borrowed backup because his trad gamer has issues not quickly remedied.

    Conspiracy theory #3: he’s being swayed to the Dark Side (and there’s a Sith lord somewhere in Syracuse).

    Conspiracy theory #4: he lost a bet and didn’t want to shave his eyebrows. I mean, he’s still in college, right?

    • “Gun” as Thompson is known to those in the box world, uses mesh a lot for boxla, so the switch isn’t unprecedented. I just loved seeing thompson do all the things he did with that traditional spoon. This is probably one of my most biased posts ever. haha.

  2. Yeah I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions yet…a guy who consistently if not ONLY has used a trad pocket since joining Syracuse (probably before as well) probably isn’t switching to mesh now. My guess is something happened, although I am surprised he wouldn’t have a back-up or two. Guess we’ll have to wait and see next time Syracuse plays. If he uses mesh then…PANIC TIME

    On a side note, I have just gone back to what I started with and am using a pita variant pocket, not trad but it’s not mesh. WOW have I missed these pockets

  3. Most likely he broke his primary stick or popped a leather and didn’t have time to fix it. His backup is probably mesh because mesh is less likely to get squirrely from lack of use.

    Also possible he went to Marc Mesh 20mm I suppose…

  4. I kind of remember one of those “game day gear” things inside lacrosse does and they had a pic of Thompson’s backup, so he had one.
    My theory; He broke his gamer, strung up mesh to have a backup, but liked it better then the current backup, so he went with the mesh.

  5. Forgot to comment on this…but that is most definitely a shame…From someone who plays with tradish…going back to mesh for a game or two because of rain or something is never enjoyable…i’m sure he’ll be back to leather in no time