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Scott Kahoe Getting That Syracuse Bling

NCAA_ScottKahoeWord from Scott Kahoe is the 2009 NCAA D1 Championship rings are being distributed tomorrow. No doubt these will be good lookin’, though we agree with Kahoe… grills woulda been dirty.

Here’s the tweet:


Hopefully we’ll get a pic tomorrow if Julian Watts gets his way. We’re hopin’ so, and we’ll update this post when it happens.


Related news from the rumor-mill-that-is-Twitter: The NCAA Title banner will be raised at Syracuse University on Saturday when the football team takes on Northwestern University. Game notes can be found here.


9/20/09 UPDATE

11 rings… that there’s some bling.




Pics via @TheScottKahoe and @uhlayduh

9/21/09 UPDATE

via Kenny Nims:


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