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The best week of the year, other than championship weekend, is upon us. Yes, you are correct, Shark Week! This week is all about giant swimming, eating, and killing machines that are sharks!

Joe Sweeney of Inside Lacrosse created this image for this glorious week last year.

IL shark

We here at LAS loved the pic. Then we thought, how could we take this to another level? So we present to you, our Shark week campaign. We will be sharing one picture per day, all throughout shark week, of the best shark/lacrosse images we can come up with.

Don’t be afraid to try your hand at this as well. Play around on your computer, find your favorite lacrosse picture of yourself, your team, your buddies, your favorite pro player, and make him or her into a high flying, seal eating, goal scoring beast!

We all know that one player on the team that dodges with their head straight down eyeing the goal. It’s almost looks like a great white stalking an unsuspecting seal. Krieg Shaw told me about how his Men’s Club team would yell out, “Shark Week!” every time this happened with one of their attackmen.

Those types of players are the inspiration of the Shark Week day one picture.


Always remember, live every week like it’s shark week!

Head over to the Community to upload your own #SharkWeek images!

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Colton Raichl

Growing up in Bend Oregon I found lacrosse to be my passion in the 7th grade. Now I am a junior attackman at the University of Idaho. If I'm not playing lacrosse I'm either watching lacrosse, playing with my dog, or stringing a stick. Follow me on Twitter @ColtonRaichlLAS and Instagram at Colton Raichl. Go Vandals!

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