Shooting With Gordon Purdie


Today we have a “Shooting With Gordon Purdie” video, and the best part about this short clip is that it features BOTH Gordon Purdie Junior, AND Gordon Purdie Senior! Junior played at Lynbrook in high school, where he is a 2015 graduate. From what we can tell, he’s still uncommitted! Senior is an Australian lacrosse legend, and has played for their field and box national teams. Gordon Purdie Sr is currently the head coach at Adelphi University, where he played in college in the late 1980s.

Here is the shooting video, which I found to be quite funny. No idea who Gordon Jr’s friend is (“Brian Fantana”? Nice), but he’s pretty funny too!

This video was made for a school project, and thanks to Gordon Jr’s writing, it had us laughing. For more on how to become a great shooter, check out our post. It’s helpful! Props to the older Purdie for breaking out his acting skills, and helping his son out with an appearance!

Gordon Purdie Jr Highlight

Old School video of Gordon Purdie Sr

I’m curious to see where Junior ends up going to college. I could certainly see him at Adelphi, playing for his father. He would carry on the family legacy, be close to home, and get to play for his dad on a very good team. Right now, only one of Purdie’s classmates at Lynrbook has committed to a D1 school, and that is a defenseman head to Lehigh.

While Purdie’s smaller size could scare off some D1 programs, I can’t really see why that has to be true. From Joey Sankey to John Scioscia, smaller guys can still find a big place in this game, and on top level teams. Will Purdie slip through the cracks and go D2? Will he get picked up by Denver (the ultimate late recruiter) or some other program that likes to wait?

To be honest, we’re not really sure. All we know is that Gordon Purdie can play lacrosse, and that we’d be happy to have him on our squad, no matter what the level!