Show LAS Your Old School: Inside Bayswater LC’s Closet

Old School Bayswater Lacrosse Club
Definitely Old School!

We went to the other side of the planet for this week’s Old School post, and it’s coming at you from Perth, Australia hot and heavy.  The Bayswater Lacrosse Club has been around for ages and it’s a very tough, blue collar club.  They play no-nonsense lacrosse and have had a number of great players featured on Aussie state and national teams.

Over the past year, they’ve been renovating their old club house, and in the process they went through storage and found a couple of Old School lacrosse stick beauties!  One of the heads looks like a SAM.  The other looks like a Brine head possibly.  Both have round holes for shafts though, so that should help our OS experts!

Old School Bayswater Lacrosse Club
Definitely Old School!

Our main man at Bayswater, the one and only Glenn Morley, says that:

Surely this is one of the earliest dyed heads – we found it in the storeroom at the club, both have the old round slot for the shaft – one is definitely a SAM, but we can’t place the Brine head.  But I also can’t imagine that it would have held the ball too well!

Whatever the head, it’s a GREAT submission!  Got some Old School you want featured on LAS?  All you have to do is email us at Info@Lacrosseallstars.comand we’ll make it happen!

Old School Bayswater Lacrosse Club
Nice, straight lines on the Dye!
Old School Bayswater Lacrosse Club
Aussie Christmas stick! Very cool.


  1. Nope, the blue head is a Brine PL-66. The leather passthroughs on the throat are the tell — the PL-66 has two round holes on each side while the PL-77 has a large triangular open slot on each side. Brine made the PL-66 with both round and square throats.

    Pretty sure the dyed head is a SAM. Can’t quite make out the letter on the throat, but the shape is right. Definitely not an older model 73 or 74, haven’t seen a Barney up-close in years.
    Mandatory shout-out to Glenn from this old ‘sank!