Show LAS Your Old School: My First Game


At the ripe old age of 24, I wouldn’t dare declare my first game as truly Old School, but given the amount of change that has taken place in the lacrosse world since 2001, especially on the equipment front, I feel it qualifies in at least some regard. We’ll just say it’s a little Old School.

In the not so distant past, there was a day when you weren’t able to choose four different colors for your gloves and select every little detail for your new helmet.

Looking so fly...

Luckily for you, and unfortunately for me, my sweet mother has always enjoyed taking pictures. Solid sidewalls, no offset whatsoever, very cold ankles and an original looking Cascade… this definitely isn’t new.

Just watching my older brother get scored on.

It was my first game, I hadn’t quite grasped all the concepts of team defense yet. I may or may not have flipped the ball into the crease area, any my brother still swears I threw the ball in the goal. Check out the lettuce on #55. I bet he listens to OAR.

I was once short.

Back in the 8th and 9th grade, I used to be a short, chubby kid – thankfully I grew out of that.

This little trip down memory lane really makes me appreciate how far the aesthetics of lacrosse have come in the past 10 years. While it may not truly be old school, at the very least, this definitely qualifies as being out of date!

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