One Dome to rule them all,
One Dome to find them,
One Dome to bring them all and in the darkness bind them…

After a flood of last minute action on the Lax All Stars fan page, our inaugural battle royale to decide the colossus of clout when it comes to cranial protection has come to an end.

To reset the rules: the three helmets with the most votes (1 comment on the helmet pic = 1 vote) win their very own pair of the sold out Apollo Creed inspired Lax All Stars shorts.

Before we get any further we’d like to thank everyone who helped make this a success. Our goal at LAS is to help create and foster a community of lax heads and we were really excited with the response from LaxNation (that’s you!).  If you weren’t one of the three winners and still want some gear then check out our official LAS store for all kinds of great schwag.

One note: Today, March 5th, is the last day if you want to pre-order the next round of limited edition shorts. If you miss out then our Signature series and Legends series tee’s and sweatshirts are still in stock.

Some quick stats on the contest:

The initial announcement: 33 comments and 8 likes
(we were happy to see you dug what we were plantin’)

Total # of votes: 188

Now to the good stuff. And the winners are…

3rd place:

Chris Gilbert, Red Army Lacrosse Helmet – 25 votes

2nd place:

Jaron Klopstein, Milkmen Lacrosse Helmet – 37 votes

1st place:

Thomas Oglesby, Missouri State Helmet – 43 votes

Thanks to everyone who participated, and look out for our next big contest somewhere down the line.  If you haven’t already, why not show your support and become a fan of Lax All Stars on Facebook? It’s the best way to stay in the loop for contests, pre-sales, and news from your favorite lax media empire.

Congrats to the winners. We’ll be in touch.
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