Silverfin Interview And So Much More


I took some time to get to know the guys at Silverfin Lacrosse or as they describe themselves “a group of players committed to developing a new brand of lacrosse on the West Coast”.

Here is what they had to say:

LaxAllStars: Right now, your focus at Silverfin has been on titanium handles and in order for titanium shafts to function well they have to be of a very high quality. Why start with something that has to be so good? Isn’t it easier to start with products that have less risk, even if the overall quality level is a bit lower?
Silverfin: Silverfin is a brand that wants to provide the very best quality to players. Ultimately your reputation is based on how well your gear performs. Titanium and high grade alloys are the only acceptable materials for handles these days. Everything else breaks.

Silverfin has finished its first run and a second generation of product is coming in soon. What have you learned from that first product run?
Silverfin: Designing handles is trickier than you think. We set out to create a handle we felt had gone missing from the game and we succeeded. Our first run turned out just how we wanted with our attack length handles. We are going to thicken up our next run of defensive handles so they hold up to the punishment a bit more. Our first generation defensive handles are super light but we want them to be a bit stronger. The laser etched logo is something new to the handle industry and we really like how it turned out.

What can we expect to see? I’m sure the shafts will be better but what else can we expect from Silverfin? Do you have a set of principles or ideals that will shape your product design? Will your other products be as high-end as the titanium shafts or will you shoot for quantity as well?
Silverfin: Our second product shipment will include a few high strength alloys that will be an alternative to our titanium shafts. The graphics will be classy and simple. You may see a bit of color on our handles for the first time. We are trying to refrain from flooding the market with low budget alternatives to the current gear available. It takes time and money to develop products that are worthy of competing with the existing gear on the market which is all very good.

I’m actually kind of an alloy guy myself. What can I say… I like a good scandium long pole. Convince me to go back to Ti like I did in high school when I played mid. What is it about titanium that makes it special?
Silverfin: Titanium is unmatched in its strength to weight ratio. Obviously costs a bit more, but it is worth it. While there are some alloy defensive handles out there that do hold up to a lot of punishment, it’s very subjective which ones they are. Titanium always seems to outlast the alternative, so you will end up paying less in the long run if cost is a consideration for you. Our uncoated handles have a look and feel like nothing else out on the market. You’ll see when you use one.

What’s the growth of the game like out in Cali and how can Silverfin be involved while still building a successful business? Can California be the next lax Mecca and if so, where does Silverfin fit in?
Silverfin: Lacrosse is exploding everywhere, not just in California. Orders are coming in from all over the U.S. including Minnesota, Illinois, Nebraska, and some other mid west states. We think that is amazing. In some areas of California kids are playing on a level similar to their east coast counterparts. We are seeing recruiting spike in those areas.

The weather in California allows kids to play all year round. But, this is a blessing and a curse because often kids will give up other sports to play lacrosse full time. This hurts them because they are not diversifying their athletic intelligence. Ask any college coach and they will tell you they want a good lacrosse player that was also an exceptional point guard or linebacker every time before they want a full time lacrosse player.

Silverfin fits into the California game because it provides a back to basics approach to training and gear. We don’t think that lacrosse is a hybrid between skateboarding and surfing. There seems to be confusion about that.

Thanks for checking in! We’re excited to get our hands on one of your Titanium shorties for our 2010 Gear Review series and we can’t wait to see the second run of equipment. Sounds like it’s going to be pretty schweet!

Max Quinzani thumbs the ball

I posted the above statement last year and I’ll continue to say it this year until someone else takes notice and cares about it as much as I do.  Ok, he’s not actually thumbing the ball and probably not getting much of an advantage but his thumb is CLEARLY on the plastic most of the time he’s carrying the ball with one hand on his stick.  In the Duke Bucknell photo gallery on InsideLacrosse, there are no fewer than THREE pictures showing this.   No one else on the field even comes close to cradling like this.

The NCAA says this type of play is illegal.  You don’t have to touch the ball, just the plastic and it’s illegal.  Yet it NEVER gets called.  Quinzani is nasty and I’m willing to bet that this occurence is not helping him in any way but the fact is, you’re not allowed to hold your stick like that.  You’re just not allowed to and while the rule may be stupid (I don’t think it is…), it’s still a rule.  Hands off the plastic.

Now all the refs have to do is actually call it.  I won’t hold my breath.

Thoughts on Navy vs Loyola

Loyola and Navy played a great, non-televised, game last week and provides some top notch video for us to watch (Final score 8-7 Loyola in OT).  Cooper MacDonnell scored 6 goals in a number of different ways and the lefty finisher was very impressive in that he did more than just score, he even laid out a Midshipmen D guy on a nice ride.  Steve “Dirty” Dircks (#44) looked pretty solid out there as well throwing some serious wood and playing fired up lacrosse.

The biggest loss for Navy wasn’t the one goal loss to Loyola (although that hurts), it was losing junior Attackman Tim Paul to injury.  Navy doesn’t score a ton of goals but when they do it often comes from Paul.  Expect the middies to step up in his absence as Meade will find an athletic replacement that will know his role on attack.

Losing Tim Paul will hurt Navy offensively

Give me a break

This woman who writes for the NY Times is really upset about snowballs and other people’s children.  If you want safety and open space for your children to enjoy, maybe you should think about moving.  NYC isn’t really known for either of things but I think her elitist, whiny and rambling article might actually change things for the better (sarcasm doesn’t always come across online but that last sentence’s worth really should since I’m laying it on so thick).

Kimmel will put on a show his Senior year

You yelled at some rich, spoiled kids who couldn’t be bothered to throw their own snowballs (they needed a snowball gun!) and then took your kids to Dean & DeLuca for bagels.  Honestly, no one wants to hear your problems, lady.

Thoughts on Hopkins vs Delaware

The HopkinsDelaware game on ESPNU started off pretty well on Tuesday night but then Hopkins proved they are ready to run with the elite teams while Delaware showcased a need for faster poles and a more fluid offense (Final score: 15-7 JHU).  I expect Boyle to outrun his defender but I didn’t expect that from Wharton who is more known for his lefty rip with time and room.  Overall the Del D looked slow and vulnerable.

Kimmel looked better than ever (as Hop middies often do their senior year) and the freshman middies for the Hop looked great as well.  So did the young longpoles.  Petro brought in a GREAT class, that much is 100% clear.  With a more experienced and comfortable D and Gvozden in net, Hopkins could be a real NC contender in 2010.

About the Author
: Connor is a pretty average lacrosse player at this point who doesn’t know when to give up on the game.  He played and coached in the NESCAC and still plays for the Southampton LC in NYC.  Connor lives with his fiance in Brooklyn and thanks her for allowing him to keep the dream alive.

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