Silverfin Lacrosse: Recruiting Camp In Cali?


The game of lacrosse is growing all over the United States at a rapid pace and nowhere is this more evident than in the sports mad state of California. We’ve spoken with the guys over at Silverfin Lacrosse (based in Cali), we’ve chatted with Connor Martin, learned about the Hollywood LC and SoCal club scene and we’ve heard from Kyle Harrison about coaching at Chapman. Now we’re checking back in with the guys at Silverfin to hear about what they’re doing for the HS kids who want to play at the next level.

This post may seem like free advertising for Silverfin, and to a certain extent it is because we think what they’re doing in California with a new lacrosse company is interesting and we think you’ll want to know more. As the game of lacrosse expands, more and more ex-players will get involved in the game on the business side of things and hearing about what is working will only benefit future entrepeneurs and our sport.

This summer, Silverfin Lacrosse presents a breakthrough college lacrosse recruiting event in Northern Los Angleles from Friday, 25 June 2010 to Sunday, 27 June 2010. Conducted on the beautiful campus of California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, California, Silverfin Lacrosse has brought together a group of the nation’s top lacrosse programs for it’s first annual recruiting event. The camp will have a game based format with instructional events scattered throughout the three day event.

The draw of this particular camp is that it remains an exclusive event without an overwhelming amount of people in attendance that results in an intimate setting. This allows for personal interaction with the coaches that are attending. Although team tournaments have become very popular recently, Silverfin’s recruiting camp will remain an “at large” event with mixed teams and players. This is by design based on the feedback of several Division 1 coaches, many of whom will be in attendance. Registration to this point has been exceptional.

The event will feature the following coaches from the following schools:

o United States Air Force Academy – Eric Seremet, Head Coach
o Fairfield University – Kevin Conry, Assistant Coach
o Dartmouth College- Ryan Danehy, Assistant Coach
o Ohio State University – Mark Bergey, Director of Lacrosse Operations
o Colgate University – Nick Coppola, Assistant Coach
o Rutgers University – Jason Basso, Assistant Coach

As we mentioned above, the camp will happen on the beautifully manicured campus of California Lutheran University which is located in the rolling hills of Thousand Oaks, California. With an average temperature in June of 71 degrees and almost no humidity, Thousand Oaks is the perfect setting for an athletic event of this kind. For those parents and family wishing to remain for the three day event, Silverfin has arranged a block of rooms with a preferred rate at the Hyatt Hotel in Westlake Village, California. The hotel is conveniently located 10 minutes from the campus of “Cal Lu”. Of note, Cal Lu is located only 10 minutes from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library (learning!) and 30 minutes from beautiful Malibu, California.

For more information on the camp, head to Silverfin Lacrosse’s website or check out the event and experience the growth of the sport firsthand.

About the Author: Connor is a life-long lacrosse player who doesn’t know when to give up on the game. He played and coached at Wesleyan University and now plays for the Southampton LC in NYC. Connor lives with his fiance in Brooklyn and thanks her for allowing him to keep the dream alive.

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  1. No surfing and skateboarding mixed with lacrosse? These guys are trying to steer California in the right direction. Right now it's a mess over there with all this red carpet LXM nonsense that originated in that dreadful place.