So, It’s Like That, Jeremy Thompson?

Jeremy Thompson Mesh pocket Syracuse
Gun rocking the mesh. Oh noes.

Last week, I was aghast to see Jeremy Thompson has switched from the wide traditional he’d rocked all year to mesh.  Boring, white mesh.  Rumors swirled in the comments section, from a broken leather, to rain sogging (I just made that word up… it sounds British) the pocket into un-usability.  On twitter, it was revealed by the One who knows all things boxla, that Thompson, or “Gun” as he’s known to many in the box community, used mesh ALL THE TIME when he played the indoor game.

And it makes sense.  Traditional pockets take a long to break in and can be finicky.  Indoors, the loose strings and the fact that it doesn’t hold up as well as mesh, means that traditional is very rarely used.  I don’t personally see what the big deal is, and use traditional when I play box or field, but I can see why a lot of people don’t.

Jeremy Thompson Mesh pocket Syracuse
Gun rocking the mesh. Oh noes.

Photo courtesy Syracuse Orange’s Facebook Page

Photo evidence from Syracuse’s last regular season game against St. John’s seem to suggest Thompson is sticking with the mesh for now.  Maybe he’s working on a traditional spoon to use in the playoffs (God I hope that’s true!) but for now the best two-way, do it all middie in the game has switched back to mesh.  At least we’ve still got Steele Stanwick.

Steele Stanwick running the show. Virginia Cavalier Lacrosse
Steele Stanwick running the show.


  1. As if to pour salt in the wound, there was an article in the latest Lacrosse Magazine highlighting Stanwicks traditional pocket and to a lesser extent, Jeremy Thompson’s. Turns out his Dad or brother Jerome strings them for Thompson. Since they are slacking off, maybe Steele’s Dad could hook him up…