So You Think You Can String?

The orange is so you don't get shot.

Dan Willson has shown us the Coach’s Pocket before, but this time he’s back with some BRIGHT orange mesh on a camo Tribe7 head.  It’s perfect, from the backwoods of Maryland to the wilds of Idaho, in between a turn in the blind.  That’s not really how hunting works, I guess. Whatever.  The head still looks sweet.

The orange is so you don't get shot.
That's a tight bit of stringing right thurr.
The Tribe7 sidewall is ridiculous looking. Want to try one...

The Tribe7 guy is certifiably crazy.  And unbelievably awesome.  I’ve met him in person before and he just loves lax to the fullest.  I love his energy and if he wants to send me a head to try out, I’d be pumped to give it a go.


  1. The Tribe7 owner wrote me to ask how I liked the head. That was very cool and unexpected. So if you break it, hey, wow, you really can go all the way to the top. The hole placement is anything but traditional. The topstring holes are set up for mesh – if you string traditionals, you’re going to spend some time looking at this head and considering how to compromise (or come up with something unique). My initial thought was to go with a six-string traditional with the outermost leathers tied into the sidewall for a tighter channel in this universal-legal head. There’s a one-inch gap in the sidewall holes at the top where the flat scoop and sidewalls connect. Engineering-wise, I understand why you wouldn’t want this portion to have any holes. But if your personal preference (or my OCD) requires that the topmost shooter goes through the head so it doesn’t move, that ain’t happening on the Savage7. I opted to use the trapezoid-shaped sidewall holes, as it alternates oval-trapezoid-oval-trapezoid down the head. It’s an insanely stiff head – don’t let that thin scoop fool you.