The Soundtrack for Life

Chazz Woodson - Words of Wisdom

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!

This morning, I woke up with music on the brain. Song after song after song, bouncing through my head. That led me to YouTube to watch the some of the videos that were attached to these songs. And after watching a few classic music videos, a question came to mind. What song would be the soundtrack of my life? More to the point, what song would be the soundtrack of my day today?

There’s power in music. That’s why it’s used to sell everything. That’s why teams, athletes, performers, are introduced to it. They enter arenas and stages to it. In a movie, there’s music for high points, low points, sad points, every possible emotion. Music is chosen to help us to connect with what a character may be going through. In fact, the music is often chosen to guide and manipulate our feelings, so that for a moment, we go experience emotions with the characters.

So if someone was creating a 3 minute highlight of your day today, what music would be fitting? What music, message, feeling, would your day require? More importantly what music would you want your highlight to have? What feeling would you want viewers to experience?

Somebody is watching your life today. Maybe it’s your son or daughter. It may be a friend. It may be a student, player, or mentee. Maybe it’s your parents, teachers, or coaches. Maybe it’s somebody that you’ve never even met. Live this day in a way that provides your audience with a message and a feeling that you want them to have and associate with you. Choose the soundtrack of your day, and live accordingly. The film your audience sees today may be the only film they ever see of you. Make it count!

Make it a GREAT day!

Stay blessed.