Spot the Man Bros

Spot The Man Bros!

Are you ready to Spot the Man Bros? Over the next several months, we’ll be giving away free pairs of Man Bro Bro Man sunglasses to LAS readers who play along. Each Spot the Man Bros post features a photo with Man Bro Bro Man Sunglasses strategically placed within it, and it’s your job to spot them all. Every person who answers correctly is entered to win a free pair!

HOW TO ENTER: In the comments section below, tell us (1) the location of each pair in the photo, and (2) which style is featured. Each photo will only feature 1 unique style of Man Bros, but there may be more than one pair!

Alright, now it’s time to SPOT THE MAN BROS!

The Denver Outlaws are notorious for showing their fans a great time, we snapped this shot down on the sideline after the Outlaws trounced the Ohio Machine. Denver grad, Eric Law, giving back some time to his loyal fans.

Spot the Man Bros

Photo Credit: Krieg Shaw

The deadline to enter is Wednesday, July 10th at 12pm ET. After that, we’ll announce the winner at the bottom of this post.

Visit to check out all the different styles today.


  1. White Frames, pairs are located in: Background on ladys head, in kids hand on left side of photo, in the players hand, one on the head of the little guy in white, and the final pair is on the kid in the maroon pinnie.

  2. Looks like they are all Matte White Frames. First one is on the bottom left on the LAS stance guy. There are two in the top left corner, one on a lady in the far back and a kid holding one up who has a white shirt on. There are three around the middle, one in Eric Laws hands, one on a little kids face, on to the left of that one on a kid who is wearing a reddish penni. Giving us a grand total of six man bro bro man shades. Boom town.

  3. all white frames, a lady in the back on the bleachers, a kid holding them up in his left hand , the kid next to him wearing the maroon penny with them on his face, the baby has a pair on and, and 1 in eric laws hand and the LAX allstars guy in the bottom left has them on > 6 pairs

  4. They are white frames with black lenses, female in the background in bleachers, law is holding a pair with his stick hand, small child with his left hand, the maroon pinney child has a pair on his face, the baby also has a pair and lastly the LAS icon has pair on.