Spotted: Lacrosse on The New Girl

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Editor’s note: Welcome to the first installment of “Spotted”, a new series we’re trying out. With your help, we hope to shine a light on lacrosse found in unexpected places. If you find lacrosse in an unexpected place and would like to share your story, take a photo or video of the instance and email it to [email protected] along with your contact info.

Lacrosse on The New Girl

Nick (Jake Johnson) from The New Girl

Lacrosse makes an unexpected appearance in Season 2, Episode 5 of hit tv show The New Girl starring Zooey Deschanel. The episode, titled “Models” originally aired on 10/23/2012.

Here’s the premise: Nick Miller (Jake Johnson) is reminicing back to the first time he met his best friend, Schmidt (Max Greenfield). They met on the first day of college and were paired as roommates. As Nick is imaging the old Schmidt (goofy and out of shape) and remembering how he poked fun at him, he bends down to pick something up and a lacrosse stick appears right behind him.

Lacrosse on The New Girl

There it lies, right beneath the Napster sign… What type of stick it is has yet to be determined. If you think you know what kind it is, please feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments section.

This video provides a pirated look at the full scene as well as a second scene during the episode’s credits. It’s pretty funny and bizarre, especially if you don’t know the context. Either way, scenes like this make us wonder how that stick got there, who put it there, and why?

What do you think of our sports stint on The New Girl?

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