Stay in Shape with LXM PRO

LXM Pro Las Vegas Aaron Prosser

With the second to last LXM PRO event in San Diego coming up tomorrow, with the final stop in Los Angeles after that, we felt it would be appropriate to let you in to the secrets of how the guys of Team STX and Maverik United stay in shape between games and during the offseason.

We were curious to know the routines of LXM athletes because their schedule is so different than normal lacrosse teams. With no home field and an irregular schedule, we caught up with Shamel Bratton, Erik Krum, Matt Russell, and Johnny Rodriguez to find out how they stay fit.

Check out the game on The Lacrosse Network tomorrow at 3pm est, 12pm local. Although Team STX has pulled away, Maverik United has more pride than to just lay down and take another loss. Expect a great matchup in some warm weather – the San Diego area is where many of the LXM PRO athletes live and is the HQ of ADRLN.

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Mark Donahue
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