Steroids and HGH in Lacrosse

Doping is not Dope

The issue of steroids and HGH in professional sports is again making headlines across the sporting world, and on August 11th, 2013, the Sun Sentinel published an article on steroids and HGH abuse in Florida HIGH SCHOOLS.

Baseball, Football, Basketball, and yes, even lacrosse, were all noted as sports where kids were taking steroids or HGH. The article noted the high costs of testing, and very few solutions were offered. In the end, consensus seemed to be that something had to be done, but what that was exactly? It is hard to say.

So we want to hear from you on the issue of Steroids and HGH. We’re not looking for you to out anyone, or anything like that, but we do want to hear if you think it’s an issue.

Have you seen it? Do you know it’s an issue? What can be done? Should anything be done? If it’s too costly to test, is there a solution available? We know our readers can think creatively, so we’re extremely interested to hear what you guys think! Maybe there is a grand solution out there after all…