StringKing Announces New High Performance Type 1s Mesh

StringKing Lacrosse

Yesterday was a big day for StringKing Lacrosse with the release of Type 1s Lacrosse Mesh, a new product the company spent months engineering. StringKing touts that the softer construction of Type 1s Mesh allows a lacrosse player to be more aware of where the ball is sitting in his pocket during both the cradle and the release.

Without compromising the unrivaled consistency, all-weather performance, and 60-second break-in of the original Type 1x, our new Performance Mesh: Type 1s has a softer construction, increased feel, and less shape-retention, which allows your pocket to be more versatile.

String King Mesh Type 1s 1x Campaign
StringKing’s previous product is now referred to as Type 1x


Stringking Lacrosse Performance Mesh

We hope to bring you a Type 1s Mesh review soon. In the meantime, be on the lookout for more from StringKing as the 2014 season heats up. After recent news of signing Rob Pannell, we can’t help but believe them when they tell us more big news is on the horizon.

Photos via @StringKingLacrosse on Instagram