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MLL Brendan Mundorf Denver Outlaws

Big news out of Bmore where STX has announced a new sponsored player with some strong hometown roots.  If he wants to compete with Kyle, Joe and Brett, Brendan Mundorf is going to have to step his net presence up! …Or at least get a twitter account.  I mean, is that too much to ask?  He doesn’t have to be Scott Kahoe – not everyone is that naturally gifted – but we’d love to see him up there talkin!

Official press release:

Baltimore, MDSTX announced this week that Brendan Mundorf, the standout college attackman and current Team USA member, has joined the Baltimore-based lacrosse equipment manufacturer.

After leading his team to the 2006 NCAA tournament his senior year, Brendan Mundorf was selected by the Denver Outlaws in the second round of the MLL draft.  In his first season with the Outlaws, he accumulated 29 points in 9 games played.  Since then, Brendan Mundorf has been a three time all-star by posting more than 40 points each season.

In 2007, Brendan Mundorf was the 11th overall NLL draft pick for the New York Titans and quickly adapted to the indoor game with 44 points in 14 games.  This past year, he was selected to the NLL all star game after having a career best year with 59 points.

This past November, Brendan Mundorf was one of the 23 players selected to represent Team USA in the FIL World Championship in Manchester, England this summer.

One of the top players in the country, Brendan Mundorf joins a storied line-up of STX players and teams that includes fellow Denver Outlaw star and 2005 men’s Tewaaraton Award recipient (Kyle Harrison), the best women’s player in the world (Jen Adams), 2005 women’s Tewaaraton Award recipient (Katie Chrest), Steven Brooks, Joe Walters, Brett Hughes and several of the top men’s and women’s college teams in the world, including men’s teams Johns Hopkins, Syracuse, Cornell, Navy, UNC, Ohio State, Hofstra, Maryland and women’s teams Princeton, Duke, Maryland, Georgetown and others.

STX is the world’s leading manufacturer of lacrosse sticks and equipment. Since its 1970 introduction of the first synthetic lacrosse stick that ushered in the “modern era” of lacrosse, STX is universally known for its technological innovations. Recognized for its many contributions to the game of lacrosse, STX continues to set the standard for competition-level lacrosse equipment. For more information, visit

MLL Brendan Mundorf Denver Outlaws 2

Okay, well that is cool.  It’s good to see a guy like Brendan Mundorf (who interestingly enough played for Australia in the last World Games) get picked up by a sponsor.  He is an excellent player who gets less press than some guys who played at bigger programs in college, where lacrosse allegiances live and breathe in perpetuity.

At UMBC (where he played with another current all-star attackman, Drew Westervelt) Mundorf was part of a group of players that took the Retrievers to a higher level, but they were never mentioned with the likes of Cuse or Hopkins and that is why his name isn’t as familiar as others. However, make no mistake about it, you’re going to keep hearing about Brendan Mundorf and you’re going to be impressed. I’m going to get off his jock now, but believe me.

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    • wait, you mean naming your company after ONE legend of the game isn't enough? haha. I always like the DeBeer name and thought they'd get more serious after they changed it to Gait. Guess not… they should go back to DeBeer and get some younger players on their “team”.

      • I'd like to point out that there are all kinds of young athletes on Brand Jordan…Carmelo Anthony, Derek Jeter, CP3 to name a few.

        I dont think the Gait brand necessarily needs a name change, just a wake up call to refresh their strategy.

        • exactly my point, my man!
          Jordan is Jordan and that's great… but they ALSO have a roster of young and current talent that you mentioned above… they even have a baseball guy for Jordan wear! This is something Gait has not been doing very well. Sure, they endorse the US Women's team and a bunch of colleges (although less and less it seems UVM and UAlbany both switched to Maverik this year) but they have no players out there repping Gait to the fullest, showcasing custom gear and getting people excited like Jordan has. Gait COULD have gone that route… they just dropped the ball. Calling yourself Gait is fine… but it has to be MORE than that…