Summer Lacrosse


After spending two of my last three weeks coaching for Lorne Smith at his Menlo College and University of Oregon lacrosse camps, I have come to a most wonderful conclusion: Summer lacrosse brings out only the best qualities in coaches, players, fans and parents.

I always knew that laxin was a great past time and consisted of too much fun; but after my recent hiatus from the real world, I am blessed with a forgotten knowledge of why summer lacrosse is so awesome.

It is hard for me to share this without just blurting out how I feel, so here I go:

The daring anticipation of rookie defenseman landing that first wrap check, the glow of an attackman’s eyes after he ripped corner, the intensity of the open field as midfielders make 110 yards seem so small, and the crazy stare from the goalie after he just stoned you on the crease. These, my fellow laxers, are the reasons that athletes are picking up lacrosse sticks; the reasons why the west coast is infiltrating the protected fortress of New England and redesigning its style. Lacrosse is like the United States in the nineties, there is no end in sight for her glory. I dream of a day that ESPN debates the difference in style and game tactics of east coast and west coast lacrosse. When that day comes you can find me in front of my 50” plasma screen crying. Crying for the work us non-NE laxers did to spread this game and to teach it to the future of flow in the most glorious of seasons: The Summer.

Without the dedication of summer lacrosse coaches and their undeniable ability to preach the gospel of lacrosse, players would be stuck with their mid-40 after shave smelling, no flow wearing coaches who teach stick whacking and a 1-v-1 game. All lacrosse players should attend summer lacrosse camps; they are beneficial on the field, and will truly change player’s lives off the field.My fellow laxers, lacrosse is life and no season should be wasted.


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