Surprise of the Grab Bag

LAS Grab Bag
Grab Bag with the guaranteed items...
You never know what's inside!

Wow, the LAS Grab Bag we launched Friday, Sept. 9th really took off. We hit our max within four days… A whole 50 sold! I can’t say we expected that, but we certainly welcomed it with open arms. We had just enough sweet gear to divvy out amongst customers, and each person was guaranteed to get socks, a t-shirt and sunglasses – all with retail value totaling $30-40. While we couldn’t hook everyone up with more than that, we threw in LAS stickers and candy as an added bonus!

As promised, we also sent out a number of “bonus items” in random customers’ grab bags. Bonus items included Maverik and Warrior heads, Maverik apparel, Adrenaline hats and tees, Thailand Lax t-shirts, and more.

LAS Grab Bag
Typical Grab Bag.
LAS Grab Bag
Grab Bag with an added bonus.

Of the 50 LAS Grab Bags that were purchased, we made sure 20 of them contained these type of extras. We randomly added them to packages after grouping each order with the appropriate guaranteed items based on size/color. For just $20, we feel 2 out of 5 was great odds for a promotion like the grab bag and the bonus items included. Hopefully you all agree!

Overall, the process of packing and shipping these orders went smoothly, but boy did it take some time! We were forced to ask all Grab Bag customers for their patience as we packed up orders last, and we were finally able to ship everything out at once on Thursday, Sept. 15th. So, if you purchased one and you’re reading this now… it should be there soon, promise!

LAS Grab Bag
The boys at USPS got a kick out of Thursday's order! #CustomerService

So far, it seems as though most people are very happy with what they received. When you’re sending out apparel, you never know what the person receiving it will think – you never know their style – so we did our best to be as absolutely random as possible. That way, if someone won’t wear what they got, they’ll at least get a good laugh and/or think it’s cool enough to pass it on to friend.

Next month, we plan to have another Grab Bag offer that features a whole new set of awesome items. We hope you’re all excited! You can sign-up here to reserve yours now.

Here's a sneak peek of one of October's guaranteed items.
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