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WINNER! – The 2014 LAS March Madness Bracket Challenge

0 - Published April 8, 2014 by in Contests, Site News, The Life

UPDATE: We have a winner, and there can only be one! …. It’s time for the Big Dance. Fill out your bracket and join the LaxAllStars league for a chance to win a ton of great prizes!

College Sports: Is Complete Change Coming?

0 - Published March 31, 2014 by in College, NCAA, Pro Lacrosse

Sportscasters, College Presidents, and the even the average man on the street, typically dismissed the idea that college athletes should get paid. A select few saw a new potential reality, but now that Northwestern’s Football Team has been granted the right to unionize, people are starting to approach the topic with more nuance (well, sometimes…) and some deserved gravitas.

brendan mundorf mll asg

This Is A Commercial, Not News

0 - Published May 31, 2013 by in The Life

Brendan Mundorf teaching an NBA star lacrosse is interesting, but it’s also not “news”. This is an advertisement, packaged as news. There is a difference.

Syracuse Ballers Try Lacrosse For First Time

0 - Published November 6, 2012 by in College

A couple of Syracuse University basketball players give lacrosse a try.

rob starr box lacrosse all star

How To Train And Prepare For Box Lacrosse

4 - Published May 4, 2012 by in Training

Connor Wilson is back from box lacrosse in Prague and is sore and exhausted! Taking his experiences into account, he has come up with a training guide for box lacrosse. It’s a different game and requires specific training and preparation! March Madness Challenge

Updated! March Madness Challenge

12 - Published April 3, 2012 by in Site News

Here at Lax All Stars we love competition, so when March Madness rolled around we knew we would have to do something extra special for all of our supporters.


Why Do Basketball Players Slap Fight Like Schoolchildren?

12 - Published December 20, 2011 by in The Life

As a culture we seem to be obsessed with fighting in and around sporting events. I don’t like all the fisticuffs, but if it’s going to happen, it needs to happen the right way.

Kurtis Blow Basketball

Music Monday: Bieber Talks Lacrosse & Kurtis Blow Loves Basketball

1 - Published November 28, 2011 by in The Life

Today’s Music Monday hits on Justin Bieber knowing his lacrosse, but knowing his continents, and Kurtis Blow’s old school rap homage to the sport of basketball, which was invented by… a lacrosse coach!

Memorial_Stadium_medium Nebraska

Oh My Sports God, You Need To Read This!

6 - Published September 16, 2011 by in College, Pro Lacrosse

We’ve had articles on Should College Athletes Get Paid, and how College Is the Current Advertising Mecca and some argued against us pretty strongly. Well read this, and then argue. This is a GREAT article about sports, business, education and life.

The Power Of The Mind

5 - Published April 12, 2011 by in Training

Connor Wilson takes a look at how the mind interacts with the body. How can you perform your best on the lacrosse field without using anything but your own mind? It’s proven to be possible.

Salaam DunkSalaam Dunk

Salaam Dunk: Film By An Ex-Lacrosse Player

1 - Published April 7, 2011 by in The Life

A couple of years ago, it may have been unthinkable for an American ex-lacrosse player to make a film about women playing basketball in Iraq.

march madness lacrosse showdown

March Madness Extra Sweet 16 Lacrosse Showdown

2 - Published March 23, 2011 by in The Life

A unique lacrosse-related look at the upcoming NCAA March Madness Sweet 16 games.

Syracuse lacrosse eye shield

Hot Pot Of Lax: Football Style Eye Shields On The Lacrosse Field

16 - Published March 16, 2011 by in College, Gear

ConnorWilsonLAS’ March Madness bracket, Syracuse Lacrosse players wearing football eye shields/visors, plus plenty of lax links to check out while you’re drinking your morning cup of joe.

LRA March Madness Challenge!

2 - Published March 14, 2011 by in The Life

Join the LacrosseRoads of America March Madness Challenge today!

The Rose Bowl - Ducks vs. Buckeyes

Should College Athletes Get Paid?

41 - Published February 15, 2011 by in College, NCAA

Should big time College Athletes get paid? They bring in a ton of revenue for their schools, are famous, get talked about on ESPN ad nauseum and usually don’t have to pay for school. Seems like they are Pros already. This needs to be addressed! This aggression will not stand, man!