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Oregon Lacrosse Classic

Lacrosse Legends Team Up to Create Oregon Classic Tournament

0 - Published November 13, 2013 by in High School, Youth

Rhino Lacrosse has teamed up with the organizers of the renowned Lake Placid Summit Lacrosse Tournament, George and Kevin Leveille, to present the Oregon Lacrosse Classic, a three-day lacrosse festival in Bend, Oregon.

2013 Bigfoot Summer Bender

0 - Published July 18, 2013 by in Club

Bend, Oregon is the home of the Bigfoot Summer Bender Men’s Lacrosse Tournament. 2013 was the 3rd year of the tournament’s existence. In each of the previous years, the Bender has seen exponential growth in not only participants in the tournament, but the talent as well.

Summer Plans? How about Oregon?

1 - Published March 25, 2013 by in Club

Plans this summer? How about some lacrosse in Oregon? Photo of the Week!

2 - Published June 12, 2012 by in General, High School

Each week we’re looking for a superb lacrosse photo from one of our readers. If your photo is selected as Photo Of The Week, you win some awesome lacrosse swag from LAS!

Bigfoot Summer Bender Returns to Bend, Oregon

0 - Published May 30, 2012 by in Club

Bigfoot Lacrosse announces the 2nd Annual Summer Bender Lacrosse Tournament in Bend, Oregon.

Bender Lacrosse Tournament Trophy

The World’s Greatest Lacrosse Trophy

8 - Published June 22, 2011 by in Gear

Brace yourself. You’re about to see the coolest lacrosse trophy ever created by man… The First Annual Summer Bender Lacrosse Tournament kicks off this weekend in Bend, Oregon, where 8 lucky teams will be vying for this colossal, sasquatchian piece of hardware: Coolest lacrosse trophy ever created, right? That’s why we’re bestowing quite the banner […]

Have You Planned Your Summer Bender?

5 - Published May 16, 2011 by in Club

A quick look at Bend, Oregon and why it just might be the perfect place for a Summer Lacrosse Tournament!