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Loyola Marymount Tino-Altieri_600x400

Southland Lax Video Explosion

- Published April 17, 2014 by in College, High School, MCLA

Welcome back with another Southland Lax Video Explosion! Over the past few years on the LaxAllStars homepage, the College Lacrosse Video Explosion has become an LAS regular. Putting together some of the best college lacrosse videos on the Internet in one place makes life easier for any lacrosse fan — but why should we stop with just college lacrosse? Check out videos below from all lacrosse the Southland!

Adrenaline High Rollers SoCal 2013

Photo of the Week: ADRLN High Rollers SoCal Sunset

0 - Published November 19, 2013 by in Club, High School

The Adrenaline High Rollers: SoCal recruiting event went down last weekend in Orange County, and ADRLN co-founder Scott Hochstadt snapped this awesome photo of a beautiful Southern California sunset.

LAS Presents: We’re San Francisco, and We Grow The Game

0 - Published August 22, 2013 by in Grow The Game, GTG Tour

Lacrosse fans from San Francisco, California share their passion for the game.

Oakland Lacrosse Club

Meet Kevin Kelley, California Game Grower

0 - Published July 31, 2013 by in Game Grower Spotlight, Grow The Game

Congratulations to Kevin Kelley of California, the July 2013 Game Grower of the Month.

Welcome to the Game: California JuCo Lacrosse Association

0 - Published June 13, 2013 by in College, Grow The Game, NJCAA

There is a brand new player in the Junior College lacrosse scene, and it’s all the way out West in the great state of California! Let’s welcome the California Junior College Lacrosse Association (CJCLA) to the game officially!

Laguna Hills Hawks

Laguna Hills Hawks “Snubbed” from Southern Section CIF

13 - Published May 10, 2012 by in High School

We recently caught wind of a story burning through the Southern California phone lines about a very talented group of boys that are performing better than ever and finished the regular season at 16-2. The kicker though, someone didn’t put them into the playoffs.


Introducing Southland Lax, Los Angeles Lacrosse Blog

1 - Published April 24, 2012 by in Site News

Please join us in welcoming Southland Lax to the Lacrosse All Stars family. Los Angeles just got its first lacrosse blog!

2012 Fresno (CA) Lacrosse Festival

Fresno Lacrosse Festival Review

1 - Published March 27, 2012 by in Club

SSL’s Josh Rottman swings by to fill us in on the 2012 Fresno Lacrosse Festival. Get ready for another informative men’s club lacrosse Tournament Review, recap and huge photo gallery!

USC drawing lacrosse field master plan

Is USC Building A Lacrosse Field?

13 - Published October 18, 2011 by in College, Grow The Game

Is USC building a lacrosse field? They’re adding a women’s program in 2012 but this future development plan looks like it has a men’s lacrosse field in it. This would be big!

ulax box lacrosse league nyc connor wilson

Hot Pot Of Lax: American Box Lacrosse

6 - Published September 14, 2011 by in High School, Hot Pot, International, Pro Lacrosse, Youth

WELCOME! This week’s Hot Pot is all about box lacrosse in the good ol’ USA. Plus we’ve got all the links, news, and videos you need to see to get you through the morning.

LXM PRO California 2011

Hot Pot Of Lax: The LXM PRO

6 - Published June 22, 2011 by in LXM PRO, Pro Lacrosse

Connor Wilson examines the LXM PRO in this week’s Hot Pot! The coffee is back, it’s scalding and delicious, so drink up while there’s still some left! Plus we’ve got links and stick trick video that will make you say, “Whhhaaaaa???”

Sean McGonigle Lacrosse Syracuse Adrenaline lax

Sean McGonigle Keeps On Truckin’: Go Pro Lax!

1 - Published June 20, 2011 by in High School

Sean McGonigle brings the pain in his latest Youtube video sensation! This time he headed back home to California where he took in the Adrenaline All American Go Pro Lax event and even got a ton of helmet cam footage! Awesome stuff.

New Teams Joining NCAA DII Lax… In Missouri! Grow The Game!

1 - Published June 13, 2011 by in College, Grow The Game, NCAA

David Palacios is back with more info on the D2 Lax scene! We’ve got an MCLA team in Missouri going NCAA D2, Canadians, Poms, LXM action, Adrenaline recruiting action and so much more!!! Come on in, the water is toasty!

Davis Lacrosse Association’s (CA) Stringing Clinic

5 - Published April 26, 2011 by in Gear, Mesh, Stringing

Josh Rottman stops by with a detailed run down on what you need to put on a successful stringing clinic. Whether you’re a 3rd grader new to the game or a sophomore in college, knowing how to string your own stick is a HUGE benefit to your game. Get learned!

Lacrosse Photo Caption Contest


133 - Published April 22, 2011 by in Site News

LAS Apollo Creed Shorts are now available in The Lacrosse Shop. To celebrate, we’re hosting a caption contest and you’re all invited!