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Dr. Fred Opie: Why The NCAA Tournament Is Like Pro Sports

0 - Published May 10, 2012 by in College

Dr. Frederick Douglass Opie provides his thoughts on why the NCAA tournament is just like pro sports and whether college athletes should be paid or not. He knows lacrosse well and uses that as his starting point!

Dr. Frederick Douglass Opie Reflects On Coach John Desko

1 - Published March 16, 2010 by in College, The Life

The following is an excerpt from a post on the blog “The Roots of the Game: A Syracuse Lacrosse Memoir” by Dr. Frederick Douglass Opie.

The Roots of the Game with Dr. Opie

0 - Published October 16, 2009 by in The Life

Lacrosse has been around for a really long time.  Some Native American Indian nations/tribes have been playing for hundreds, if not thousands of years and while we aren’t looking that far back (yet), it is always good to know where you come from and what the game was like before the youth of today had ever heard of it. […]