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2014 NCAA Tournament Expansion

0 - Published September 25, 2013 by in College, NCAA

Earlier this week, we hinted that the NCAA D1 Men’s Lacrosse could expand in 2014 due to a new NCAA rule, allowing certain sports (like lacrosse) to count play-in games as tourney games. This means the NCAA can pay expenses, and the games will count as official tournament appearances.

Adding Men’s Lacrosse? Not So Fast

0 - Published August 14, 2013 by in College, NCAA

After reading a recent Lax All Stars blog titled “Who Will Add D1 Lacrosse Next?” and the follow up post “Responding To Criticism From The Growth Blog”, Tony Lowe of Elev8 Sports Institute got to thinking of the reasons why big time sport schools, like Florida State and University of Florida, have not ventured into Men’s Lacrosse, while schools like Boston University, Richmond, Furman, Marquette, and Jacksonville have.

Who Does It Better?

Who Does It Better? or rather DID it better?

0 - Published April 18, 2013 by in Major League Lacrosse, Pro Lacrosse

This week’s match-up takes us back to the 2008 and some early attempts to expand the MLL.

Please Welcome Historically Black Colleges and Universities Back To NCAA Lacrosse!

3 - Published September 28, 2012 by in College, NCAA

The University of the District of Columbia is adding varsity men’s and women’s lacrosse in 2014. This makes UDC the first men’s variety team at an HBCU since Morgan State in the early 1980s.

jeremy sieverts mll asg kevin buchanan

The Next Stop For Major League Lacrosse Is…

2 - Published September 25, 2012 by in Major League Lacrosse, Pro Lacrosse

Lacrosse is growing, so it only makes sense that the MLL does the same. But where will Major League Lacrosse go? What are the best possible expansion areas and regions?

brett queener MLL all star game

The Hamilton Nationals Issue… Not So Fast, My Friend!

1 - Published July 3, 2012 by in Major League Lacrosse, Pro Lacrosse

Quint Kessenich recently laid out four options for the Hamilton Nationals MLL franchise, but a few of them didn’t make much sense. Find out why Connor thinks we’re not getting the full story here.

Is Furman University In South Carolina Going To Add D1 Lacrosse?

3 - Published February 1, 2012 by in College, NCAA

Do we have our next new NCAA Division 1 lacrosse team already? It seems like things are starting to shape up for a potential new D1 program in South Carolina!

SMU Logo lacrosse

ESPN Reports SMU Will Consider Lacrosse

6 - Published January 20, 2012 by in College, Grow The Game, NCAA

ESPN is reporting that SMU is moving to the Big East, and now considering the move to add lacrosse to its staple of varsity sports. This would be a HUGE move for lax!

MILA Champioship Chicago Outlaws Grand Rapids Dragonfish

Dragonfish Win Inaugural MILA Championship & Other Box News

3 - Published October 10, 2011 by in Pro Lacrosse

Mike Synek is back with a recap of the inaugural MILA Championship game as well as some more info on US Box Lacrosse. It’s been a season of adversity for the league, but also triumph. US Box Lacrosse is on the rise.

Joe Hrusovsky Michigan Lacrosse

Top 25 College Football Schools: Do They Offer Lacrosse?

19 - Published September 27, 2011 by in College

Lacrosse has seen a ton of growth over the past decade. But the sport has not seen the same boom at the big time college football schools. Connor WIlson examines who offers lax, who will in the future, and who should!

Mike Synek Chicago Outlaws box lacrosse

The National Lacrosse League (NLL) Needs To Change

6 - Published September 21, 2011 by in National Lacrosse League, Pro Lacrosse

The NLL is a perplexing pro sports league. All of the opportunity in the world is at their feet, but the league isn’t flourishing. What can be done to improve the NLL, and keep it at the top of the pro box lacrosse heap?

Centenary COllege lacrosse Louisiana

Centenary College Adding NCAA Division III Lacrosse

2 - Published September 13, 2011 by in College, NCAA

Centenary College in Shreveport, Louisiana is adding NCAA Division 3 Lacrosse! NCAA lacrosse in Louisiana is now a 100% reality starting in 2012-13! Grow The Game all over the place!