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More Elitist: Lacrosse or NCAA Football?

6 - Published November 11, 2009 by in College

Many of us on the LAS staff are avid college football fans.  What’s better than a little BBQ before your alma mater kicks off againt a key conference opponent on a Saturday afternoon?  But slightly burnt bratwursts and a cold beverage aside, is the game elitist? There’s very little debate over whether or not the […]


The Case Against Soccer

19 - Published October 22, 2009 by in International, Lifestyle

For too long soccer has been held up as the “sport of the future” in the USA but why hasn’t that future arrived? The true sport of the next century has been sitting right under our noses the entire time. I bet you can guess what it is.


Vandal Shots Week 1: A Photo Blog

8 - Published October 13, 2009 by in College

Beginning today, LAS is going to get a glimpse at the University of Idaho’s lacrosse season week-by-week. Idaho is an MCLA D1 team, competing in the Pacific Northwest Conference (PNCLL).