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Gear Review: XLU Head by Gait Lacrosse

Gear Review: Recon XLU Head by Gait Lacrosse

0 - Published October 1, 2013 by in Gear, Gear Reviews

With its big release date finally here, we take a look at Gait’s newest offering, the Recon XLU head!

Reader Poll: Our Next Gear Review, as Chosen by YOU

0 - Published September 11, 2013 by in Gear, Gear Reviews

Our September content plan is off and rolling with some fantastic content surrounding everything that involves this great sport. Along with some great editorials from the likes of Connor Wilson, Jeff Brunelle, and many others, we will be unleashing plenty of Gear Reviews to get you ready to go for the season.

Reader Poll: Hottest on the Market

0 - Published August 26, 2013 by in Gear

With the 2013 season officially over (fall ball may fall in 2013, but we see it as practice for 2014), we are taking some time to reminisce in all things 2013. When we read Michael’s post on the Top 10 Warrior Lacrosse Gloves, a question came to mind – who is the hottest manufacturer right now?

Talking Pockets With UVA’s James Pannell

0 - Published June 25, 2013 by in Gear, Mesh, Stringing, Stringing Rules

When James Pannell wasn’t coaching kids, or playing a vicious game of P-I-G against his brother, Rob, he was getting peppered by questions from yours truly. This time around I asked James about his custom UVA dye, his pocket, and how he and his classmates adjusted to the new college rules, including the 2010 heads, and 2013 stringing rules.

The Best Lacrosse Head Ever

3 - Published April 16, 2013 by in Gear

This week’s Reader Poll is all about the equipment that allows us to fine tune and truly individualize our game – the heads.

Gear Review: M4 Head by Gait Lacrosse

3 - Published March 27, 2013 by in Gear Reviews

Connor Wilson reviews the M4 head by Gait Lacrosse in our newest Gear Review. See what Connor thinks of this do it all head from the guys at Gait!

Gait Scandal Lacrosse Shaft

Gear Review: Scandal Shaft by Gait Lacrosse

0 - Published February 15, 2013 by in Gear Reviews

Our newest Gear Reviewer, Jon Mundy, tests out the Scandal Attack shaft by Gait Lacrosse!

Gear Review: Recon XL Head by Gait Lacrosse

0 - Published February 1, 2013 by in Gear Reviews

Dan Bargholz is back with another gear review. This time he checks out the Recon XL Head by Gait Lacrosse.

Gear Review: SC55 Attack Shaft by Gait Lacrosse

0 - Published January 29, 2013 by in Gear Reviews

Please welcome Dan Bargholz to the Lacrosse All Stars family! Dan will be reviewing gear for us throughout 2013 and is starting off with this Gait SC55 handle.

Traditional Thursday: Harlem Lacrosse

2 - Published January 17, 2013 by in Gear, Stringing, Traditional

Two kids in Harlem had the traditional lacrosse stick obsession, so we hooked them up with some top notch string jobs on their Gait Fuel and Reebok 10K heads!

Gear Review: Saber Head by Gait Lacrosse

0 - Published January 8, 2013 by in Gear Reviews

Despite initial visual impressions, the Gait Saber passes this Gear Review with a solid score, especially for defensemen.

Gear Review: ICE and ICE Scandium Shafts by Gait Lacrosse

0 - Published January 4, 2013 by in Gear Reviews

Kevin Rowen reviews and compares the ICE and ICE Scandium shafts by Gait Lacrosse.

5 Heads To Watch In 2013

17 - Published January 2, 2013 by in Gear

The Top 5 Heads of 2012 have been covered. Now it’s time to take a look at FIVE heads that could see a huge rise in popularity in 2013…

Gear Review: Torque Head by Gait Lacrosse

0 - Published November 30, 2012 by in Gear Reviews

The Gait Torque, a classic by now, gets the Gear Review action from Connor Wilson, who has a long history with this product. Let’s get intimate.


Sunday Lacrosse Drop: The Return!

0 - Published November 4, 2012 by in College

The Lacrosse Drop is back on Sunday as a recurring feature: One post, tons of information, photos and video. It’s a can’t miss piece of top shelf content!