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INSTALAX Gear – Session 2: RIT, Nazareth and CSU Did It Better

- Published February 23, 2014 by in Gear

We are collecting some of the some best lax gear photos from Instagram and putting them in one place, just for you! Let’s begin session 2!

Sargent Sticks custom CFW shaft

Gear Showcase: Sargent Sticks

0 - Published January 22, 2014 by in Gear

Today we’re checking out a custom LAS CFW Shaft by Sargent Sticks.

2013 Lacrosse All Stars Holiday Grab Bags

2013 Holiday Grab Bags On Sale Now!

0 - Published November 29, 2013 by in Gear, Site News

Every holiday season, prepares Holiday Grab Bags for lacrosse players and fans around the world. The items inside are hand-picked by our team of lacrosse aficionados and delivered to your doorstep by Dec. 25. Our goal is to bring a smile to your face and strengthen your love for the game.

Lax Hacks: Episode One

0 - Published August 10, 2013 by in Gear, General, Lax Hacks, The Life

A life hack refers to any tip or trick that helps get things done quickly by automating, increasing productivity, organizing, or saving time. Here at LAS we’ve come up with some Lax Hacks that can save you some frustration and allow more time for other things.

Reader Poll: The Most Valuable Thing in Your Bag

0 - Published August 5, 2013 by in Gear

This week’s takes a look at making sure your priorities are in order.

Springfield Alumni Game lacrosse thanksgiving

Friday Lacrosse Drop – Post Turkey Implosion

1 - Published November 25, 2011 by in Gear, High School, Pro Lacrosse, The Life

It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving. Duh. Done stuffing your face? Us too. Stuff you lax brain instead. Then go make a Thanksgiving meal sandwich.

old school australia vintage lacrosse

Shape The Future Of Lacrosse!

6 - Published May 6, 2011 by in Gear

Want to shape the future of lacrosse? Well a company wants to know what the readers think, so now’s your chance! Survey time! Also, tell us if this is cool or not.

Sweet Sweet LAS Apparel Designs

16 - Published April 1, 2011 by in Gear

Jimmy Ciccone returns with fresh ideas for T-shirts and apprarel! We want to get your throughts on these mockups so let us know what you think in the comments! Nice work, Jimmy!

Woozle Lacrosse gear pre-sale

It’s A Woozle Party & You’re All Invited!

14 - Published January 11, 2011 by in Gear, Site News

LAS just made a big move with Woozle Lacrosse apparel. Come on in and check it out! Plus, find out who won that Woozle hoody from Pro Athletics!

Show LAS Your Old School: STX Model 73 Styx

4 - Published January 6, 2011 by in Gear

Nothing better than breaking out old STX sticks from the 70′s. The old 73 model. A classic.

The Best Cyber Monday Deals For Lacrosse Players

1 - Published November 29, 2010 by in The Life

A quick roundup of the best Cyber Monday deals that lacrosse players will love.

All That Glitters Is Gold

5 - Published July 29, 2010 by in Gear

The Lax gets some assistance from a loyal reader to create what could possibly be the most obnoxiously dyed head known to mankind.

The Rocket Pops Are Coming…

25 - Published July 15, 2010 by in Gear, Site News

Introducing the LAS Rocket Pops. Sweet sweet platinum lax.

Cajun’s Corner – Home Sweet Home Plus Knox’s Summer Booty

3 - Published June 22, 2010 by in Gear

Knox recaps his long trip to Chitown, and wants some summer booty.

Treasure Hunt: Connor Wilson’s Booty

11 - Published June 15, 2010 by in College, Gear

Wilson fills us in on all swag he’s on the hunt for this summer. Gear, threads, eye wear… Gotta look good to play good, right?

Ginger Goodspeed, Mother of Invention

3 - Published April 5, 2010 by in Gear

Taking a break from filming From the X!, Middie D brings you a product and company review of Evespeed Sports. Not a bad idea to keep your favorite pair of gloves in the game.

2010 Gear Review: K18 II GL Gloves, Silverfin Shaft, & Marc Mesh

10 - Published March 8, 2010 by in Gear

We carry on with the LAS/412 Gear Review series and talk about the new STX K18s, Silvefin’s Titanium shaft and Blue Collar Lax’s Marc Mesh.

Fireside Chat with Jeff Robertson, Elevation Lacrosse

4 - Published January 8, 2010 by in Gear, Interviews

The founder of Elevation Lacrosse tells us how it all started.