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Ransacking Sports Authority’s Lax Section

8 - Published January 5, 2010 by in Gear

Being home for the holidays means you have to go to the mall with your mom.

Lección #001: The Moldy Palm…

2 - Published January 4, 2010 by in Gear

Dropping knowledge.

Connor Wilson Must Dye: Maryland Edition

9 - Published January 4, 2010 by in Gear

Connor Wilson talks colored heads, the evolution on lacrosse gear manufacturing, and (most importantly) why you should be learning to dye your own head. The LAS stick doctor is holding office hours so turn your head and cough because this is going to be a thorough examination.

And THAT Is What Grinds My Gears, Tom

13 - Published December 17, 2009 by in Gear, International, Pro Lacrosse

When someone is paid to pimp a product, can you really trust them? Wouldn’t an honest review be more convincing? The answers after the jump…