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European Lacrosse League: Berlin, Germany = Success!

0 - Published October 1, 2012 by in Club, Pro Lacrosse

The European Lacrosse League hosted their second tournament of the year in Berlin, and the home side came in second place! Growing the box Game in Germany with Deutschland Adler!

deutschland_adler_lacrosse artjom merjasch

European Lacrosse League Heads to Berlin This Weekend!

0 - Published September 20, 2012 by in International

The second tournament of the ELL’s 2012 season kicks off this weekend in Berlin, Germany! First year club Deutschland Adler hosts the event and hopes to improve on their third place showing in tournament #1!


German Box Lacrosse: NEW to the European Lacrosse League!

0 - Published August 14, 2012 by in International

The European Lacrosse League is getting set for their second year, and LaxAllStars is getting involved directly with the new German Club! Let’s meet the Deutschland Adler Lacrosse team!

grow the game europe lacrosse Photo Of The Week: New ELF President Grows The Game!

4 - Published July 31, 2012 by in International

Each week we pick a superb lacrosse photo from one lucky LAS reader and feature it as Photo Of The Week. This week’s photo comes to us from Europe and is a definite Grow The Game moment!

johnny christmas lacrosse berlin darth vader

Encore Brand Releases New Videos

0 - Published July 31, 2012 by in Gear, The Life

In an effort to bring awareness to their socially conscious projects, Encore Brand released some beautiful videos today… it’s lacrosse with a cause, and they say there’s a lot more to come!

cal poly ucsb lacrosse hug

Hot Pot Of Lax: The MCLA Is The WILD West

5 - Published May 16, 2012 by in College, Hot Pot, MCLA

This week’s Hot Pot takes an outsider’s look at the MCLA. If you know the MCLA, what did Connor get wrong? If you don’t know the MCLA, did this make you want to check it out? Also some great news links and a fantastic German lax video!

Dresden germany box lacrosse trophy

Fireside Chat: Dresden Lax In The Box Lacrosse Tournament

0 - Published May 11, 2012 by in Club, Grow The Game, International, Interviews

Connor Wilson sits down with Simon and Stephan of the Dresden Braves to talk about the Lax in the Box tournament, which is the only box lacrosse tournament in Germany. It’s a first year event… Grow The Game!

Kieler Lacrosse MEeting 2008

Kieler Lacrosse Meeting: A Great German Lacrosse Tournament

0 - Published July 28, 2011 by in International, Interviews

Richard Bos has joined LAS to give a little more background on European Lacrosse, and the upcoming Kieler Lacrosse Meeting, a great lax tourney, in Germany!

europe map

VIDEO: International Lacrosse Deluge

4 - Published February 10, 2011 by in High School, International

LaxAllStars has the International lacrosse scene on lockdown. Each Thursday we’ve been unloading tons of International lax flavor and this Thursday is no exception. German lacrosse club video, box lacrosse, and more box lacrosse.

Lax Ranch Logo

Hot Pot Of Lax: A Visit To The Lax Ranch

4 - Published January 24, 2011 by in Hot Pot

The only lacrosse comic strip on the internet, plus plenty of lax links to check out while you’re drinking your morning coffee.

Box Lacrosse in Germany

Box Lacrosse and Germany – Recent Years

6 - Published January 20, 2011 by in Grow The Game, International

Artjom Merjasch checks in with LAS on the box lacrosse scene in Germany and what efforts are under way to create a full-fledged National Team. There are always roadblocks but it looks like the seeds are being sown! Its a start!!

Box Lacrosse in Germany

Box Lacrosse and Germany – The Earliest Years

12 - Published January 13, 2011 by in International

You want more International Lacrosse? You got it! Artjom Merjasch is back with yet another killer post about lax in Germany. This time he tackles box lacrosse and gets right down to business! There is even video. This guy is a pro!

diving lax picture lacrosse Germany Marburg Saints goalie save goal lacrosse

International Lax: German Lacrosse Photo Shoot, Video and News

3 - Published January 13, 2011 by in International

We have some International Lacrosse flavor for you! An amazing photo, some hilarious video and big time news out of the MLL in Canada land. LAS is for the International people too!

berlin germany BHC BLAX lacrosse lax german 3

A Recent History Of German Lacrosse

5 - Published January 7, 2011 by in International

Artjom Merjasch steps up to the plate and crushes the first ball he sees. He provides a little update on German Lacrosse, box lacrosse in Germany and a little recent club history. Were you curious about German lacrosse? Read and learn!

International Lacrosse Team Gear Top 10

15 - Published December 30, 2010 by in Gear, International

As Winter Fashion Week rolled on, I wanted to make sure we talked about the International lacrosse scene as well. Which teams are doing it right? Come on in and see our version of a Top 10. Yes, our version.

FIL German Update #6

4 - Published July 29, 2010 by in International

Jordan West-Pratt is back with his sixth and final update from Team Germany in Manchester.

FIL German Update #5

2 - Published July 21, 2010 by in International

The Germans are back with their 5th update from the World Games in Manchester. They might not be knocking off the likes of the US or Canada but they’re making big strides and opening new doors in their first year in the Blue Division.

FIL German Update #4

1 - Published July 19, 2010 by in International

The Germans are back with their 4th big Update from the FIL World Championships. They’re playing up in the Blue Division with the top teams… let’s see how they’re doing so far.