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GMODT’s War On Christmas

2 - Published December 21, 2009 by in Lifestyle

It’s a GMODT Christmas miracle! Or that’s what my Lax All Stars editors said when I actually showed up for work today. Christmas is right around the corner and I’ve opened up my sack-o-goodies to give you a little dose of holiday cheer. We’ll start with a Micheal Keaton abomination and end with a new […]

Best Of The “Best” Lists

4 - Published December 7, 2009 by in Lifestyle

Seeing that I’m strangely fascinated with the end of this decade, I’m really enjoying all of the lists and essays that are springing up online. All of them trying to explain this cra-zay past ten years.

Post-Thanksgiving Grab Bag With GMODT

3 - Published November 30, 2009 by in Lifestyle

After coming in and out of consciousness all weekend from a tryptophan induced coma, I’m back today to throw some stuff at this digital wall and see what sticks. Having said that…here is your regular Monday dose of GMODT!

GMODT’s Book Club

4 - Published November 23, 2009 by in Lifestyle

Today I’m proud to say I’m stealing a page from Oprah’s play book. Even though Oprah is about to go on a year and a half long goodbye tour, it’s never too early to pay tribute.

A Pretty Pretty Good Review

4 - Published November 17, 2009 by in Lifestyle

As the resident king of all media, I have to say that if you’re not watching the current season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, either you A) don’t have HBO or B)… actually there is no “b” because you don’t have any excuses left. It’s arguably the funniest show on television right now.

LAS Exclusive: The Mr. BS Report Podcast

0 - Published April 12, 2009 by in Lifestyle

The Mr. BS Report is back by popular demand. This week’s podcast features a roundtable discussion with two exciting guests, GMODT and infamous commenter Sabertooth.  Topics include; lacrosse pump-up music, pre-game food rituals, presidential hair, other names for the podcast, and much, much more. Take a listen!