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Blindfold man juggling knives Blind Item

Blind Item: Fancy College Lacrosse Gear

13 - Published September 26, 2011 by in College, Gear

It’s Blind Item time! This piece o’ news has to do with fresh new gear. Stuff we’ve never seen before on a college team, and not only one school is getting the treatment… but two are! Don’t worry, Be happy, it’s Blind Item time!

Blind Item: College Team With New Helmets

22 - Published September 15, 2011 by in College, Gear

We’ve got another Blind Item for you all! An MCLA team famous for its helmets (amongst other things) is switching helmets! Can you guess the school? Who they are dropping? Who will supply their new lids? It’s all inside.

Show LAS Your Old School: Herkimer Bucket Head

13 - Published February 24, 2011 by in Gear

Nothing makes Thursday go a little faster than an old school lax bucket pic. Fire up the way-back machine because we’re going OG up in here.

Womens Box lacrosse

Helmets In Women’s Lacrosse?

15 - Published February 21, 2011 by in College

The debate surrounding helmets in Women’s Lacrosse is heating up. Cases are being made for and against Studies are being crafted to give people the answers they want most. But the question will remain, do helmets belong in Women’s Lax? We need your help figuring this one out!

Hot Pot Of Lax: T-Shirt #5, YOUR DESIGN

4 - Published January 14, 2011 by in Hot Pot

Brunelle’s lax t-shirt designs have been great, but what about yours? Let’s make tee #5 a little more special and have the readers design it! Winning design gets a free LAS Apollo Creed shorts shorts.

UPDATED: Weekend Lacrosse Drop

10 - Published November 20, 2010 by in Gear, International, Pro Lacrosse

Video. Custom Helmets (Now THREE!) Photos. News. Growing the Game! It’s all inside and more. So much drop. So much Lacrosse.

UPDATED: The Greyhounds’ New Clothes

10 - Published November 18, 2010 by in College, Gear

Let’s see what we can cook up for the Loyola University Greyhounds. They usually stay classic, but last year they went with white helmets. They’re entering dangerous territory…

NEW Warrior TII Duke Helmets

15 - Published November 10, 2010 by in College, Gear

We’ve seen a couple of different versions of the Warrior TII Helmet already, but this is probably the best one yet: Duke. Oh, NOW you’re interested!

Cajun’s Corner – This Is Happening

3 - Published November 1, 2010 by in Gear, Grow The Game, High School

Knox drops a big, laxy announcement featuring Con Bro Chill and Brett Hughes.

LAS Exclusive: Warrior TII Helmets

20 - Published October 29, 2010 by in Gear

We thought we had the new Warrior TII lacrosse helmet to show off. It turns out we were 95% right. Exclusive LAS ish drops right now!

New Oregon Lacrosse Lids?

13 - Published October 27, 2010 by in College, Gear

HeadWrapz drops pure hotness.

Sweet Sweet Sunday, Secret Warrior Lacrosse Edition

1 - Published October 24, 2010 by in Gear, The Life

Your Sunday just got Sweet Sweet.

Alumni Helmets… Only At ‘Cuse

5 - Published October 8, 2010 by in College, Gear

Only at ‘Cuse would the alums get lids for a scrimmage.

What If Oregon Lax Rocked These Domes?

15 - Published September 24, 2010 by in College, Gear, MCLA

Quick note about the Oregon Football helmets and why their lacrosse team should consider them too.

DIY: Paint Your Own Helmet

9 - Published August 18, 2010 by in Gear

The Lax tells us about his helmet painting experience and shares some tips along the way. Gun metal baby!