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Helmets, Helmets Everywhere

10 - Published August 10, 2010 by in Gear

Connor Wilson has amassed a decent little lacrosse helmet collection over the years. He runs down the list, shows off his newest additions and even ventures briefly into the impossible: helmet dyeing.

Lax All Stars Helmet Contest_Southampton2

Show Us Your Dome Contest: VOTE NOW

0 - Published March 1, 2010 by in Gear, Site News

The time is now! Vote for your favorites and decide who will be crowned grand champion in our SHOW US YOUR DOME helmet contest. Did we mention the top 3 winners gets kick-ass shorts?

Early Christmas For Coach

11 - Published December 18, 2009 by in Gear, High School

Being a uniform junkie, the second I took over the program at my old high school I got to work outfitting my guys with slightly more modern digs. Unfortunately the money for new helmets hasn’t ever been in the team’s budget…